How girls’s soccer has attracted main sponsors to groups

How girls’s soccer has attracted main sponsors to groups

Partnerships from different areas in clubs, sports entities and broadcasts increase the visibility of sport in the country

Sponsorships by major brands to women’s soccer teams and sports entities continue to grow and show that the sport has already become a reality in Brazil. This week, Palmeiras signed a sponsorship contract with the Cartão de Todos, valid until July 2023.

In May of this year, the team had already closed with Betfair to increase investments in the team. In addition to stamping the front of the athletes’ shirts, the agreement includes a benefit card licensed by the club, named the Todos Palmeiras card, to be launched soon.

“As our name says, we are for everyone. Having an investment focused on women, in the Palmeiras team, makes us very happy. We will carry out activations, promotions and provide experiences so that the modality is increasingly supported by the fans and has engagement”, commented Victor Oliveira, communication manager for Cartão de Todos.

In rival Corinthians, the agreement with the bookmaker company was expanded in May this year. The partnership, which had existed since the Supercup dispute, in February, went into effect until the end of 2023. The company’s logo is stamped on Timão’s shoulder region and exposed on social networks, on the Training Center signs and on the interviews.

“When I think of women’s football, the first word that comes to mind is resilience. For many years it was disowned and even banned. And see where they got. At a time when we talk so much about the need for equality in all spheres, supporting this modality means giving strength to the change of attitude, bringing out how professional, talented and deserving of their success these girls are”, points out Ricardo Bianco Rosada. , CMO of, a company that was also a sponsor of the Brasileirão Assaí Feminino.

“We can see that there is more interest from companies in supporting women’s soccer teams. The modality is entering the radar of large companies and we have been able to watch the development inside and outside the four lines. This growth in the category is not just a momentary thing, it is something that is here to stay”, says Armênio Neto, a specialist in revenue generation in the sports industry.

In Rio Grande do Sul, Internacional is the first institution to rely on investment mainly focused on football. In June of this year, Colorado announced a single partnership with EstrelaBet for the men’s (shoulder blade) and women’s (master) teams. “Investors look to Inter as a good place to promote their brands, and the new partners are of great importance and prove the good management of the sport. The choice of companies by our institution shows all our strength and representation”, says Jorge Avancini, Colorado’s vice president of Marketing.

For Fabio Wolff, managing partner of Wolff Sports, the commercial solidification of the category boosts the teams’ investments in the sport. “Due to the strengthening of women’s football, we have seen a large number of companies interested in supporting the category. These partnerships won by the modality drive the development of the sport on and off the field. A great example of this is the amount of new agreements being signed by Brazilian football teams”, he says.

The executive is one of the main organizers of the Brasil Ladies Cup, an international tournament that will have its second edition in November and with 13 confirmed matches to be broadcast live on SporTV. In addition to São Paulo (current champion), Flamengo, Palmeiras, Santos, Ferroviária, Internacional and Universidad de Chile, Atlético de Madrid, from Spain, confirmed their presence.

One of the highlights of the competition is not just what happens on the pitch, but also off it. The event wants to be a reference in women’s football by also promoting a week of knowledge exchange with lectures on various topics, such as Leadership, Management, Marketing and Media, exchange of experiences through the football clinic and social actions.

“It is an important means of communication with the female audience and engagement in struggles for rights and social achievements. And there is an increase in the number of athletes who can generate resources for the clubs through sales and loans, in addition to the use of their image”, says the director general of women’s football at Internacional, Cláudio Curra. He understands that promoting women’s football on and off the pitch can provide different types of benefits. “The public starts to consume more products linked to the modality; the transmission quotas grow and the awards, as well. The value and market reach of the athletes as well”, he assesses.

Hans Schleier, marketing director at Casa de Apostas and commercial partner at TV Bandeirantes, the broadcaster that is broadcasting the Brazilian Women’s Championship, follows a similar line. “It is essential that we be part of this process of growth of women’s football. The category is already a reality. Investment has improved, clubs have more modern structures and tournaments are well developed. We must follow the market and encourage”, he analyzed.

Emerging teams have also valued and guaranteed their space within the category. For the first time having disputed the Brazilian Championship of the A3 Series, Cuiabá has expanded its forces in the modality and even already has basic categories in the feminine modality. The trend is to increase investments for the coming years. “Women’s football is growing a lot and will grow much more in the coming years, I say that at the national level. There are many teams all over Brazil increasing their investments and betting on the category, we are no different”, points out Cristiano Dresch, vice president of the club.

The women’s team of Avaí, on the other hand, was fully managed by the club earlier this year, with the election of president Júlio César Heerdt and his ticket. With sponsorships from Pixbet, UNIARP and WOA, the idea of ​​the new management is to revitalize women’s football, modernize its departments and project significant sporting advances for the coming seasons.

In other squares, traditional clubs also bet their chips. In Rio, Flamengo promoted “Elas Jogam”, an initiative in conjunction with Mercado Livre. The project consists of a letter that guarantees a full scholarship for the club’s school, a kit with gifts and products. The Argentine company stamps its brand on the backs of the players of the Rio de Janeiro club. Fluminense announced in the first semester the closing of the agreement with Universidade de Vassouras (Univassouras). With a contract valid until the end of the year, the educational institution will exhibit its brand in all tournaments of the season. The pact marks the first master sponsorship in the history of women’s football for Tricolor das Laranjeiras.

In Minas, Atlético-MG, which is in the first division of the Brazilian Championship, has six sponsors for the women’s team, two of which, in the case of Blink and Tim, are exclusive. Pedro Melo, responsible for Galo’s commercial area, and who works in attracting and managing sponsorships, explains that the club has sought to assemble competitive teams to always be vying for the title of the tournaments in which it participates, as this also helps to attract more sponsors. .

“I believe that women’s football has grown every year and companies are looking at that. In our case, there are sponsors that are in the men’s and also sponsor the women’s, because they understand the importance and representation that women are having in football”, adds Melo.

The executive also highlights the growth of the modality in the business scope. “The market is looking more towards this niche. Obviously not as much as the male, but you can already see progress. Right now, there are several clubs that have big companies supporting them and I think this is a great show of strength in women’s football.”

States also come out strengthened

Among state competitions, visibility is the same. The Campeonato Paulista Feminino, which starts this Wednesday (10), announced an increase in the prize pool offered, jumping from R$ 140 thousand offered in 2021, to R$ 1 million to the winner this season.

Adding up all the prizes, R$ 2.6 million will be distributed, a record until then. In the field of broadcasts, all matches will be televised, either through streaming or closed TV channels. In addition to Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and São Paulo, RB Bragantino, Portuguesa, São José, EC São Bernardo, Pinda and Realidade Jovem will also participate in the Ferroviária dispute.

Responsible for the Lusitanian project for 14 years, Prisco Palumbo reports on the evolution of the championship and the expectations of Portuguesa for the state. “In recent years, the championships have been restructured, the technical evolution of the girls is evident. With women’s football on the rise, the interest of sponsors also grows, which is reflected in the contribution of clubs. For this edition, we made a longer preparation and we hope that the results will be shown on the field.”

In the last edition, Paulistão registered the public record in the country. In the final between Corinthians and São Paulo, in Itaquera, more than 30 thousand people accompanied Majestoso, which culminated in the victory of the home team.

In the State of Rio Grande do Sul, the same sponsoring company of the Gurias Coloradas do Internacional, EstrelaBet, announced that it will also be an official partner of the Campeonato Gaúcho Feminino, with the aim of further increasing the promotion of women’s football in the country.

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