He’ll make investments BRL 70 million to take exhibits, tournaments and firms to three of probably the most well-known parks in SP

He’ll make investments BRL 70 million to take exhibits, tournaments and firms to three of probably the most well-known parks in SP

Rogério December is the founder of LivePark, a venue management company that will take over the management of Villa Lobos, Cândido Portinari and Água Branca in September

As of September 1st, the private sector will take over the management of three of the most famous parks from the capital of São Paulo:

  • Villa-Lobos
  • Cândido Portinariboth on Marginal Pinheiros, west of the city
  • White waterin the central region

The contract for the transfer of the administration was signed this Wednesday, 10th, by representatives of the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Environment of the São Paulo government and the consortium New Urban Parkswhich won the right to explore the spaces for 30 years at an auction on B3, in March.

In three decades, the consortium should contribute 150 million reais in local investments. Of the total, 70 million reais will be applied in the first six years of the concession.

who is the entrepreneur

Behind the investments is the entrepreneur Rogério Decemberone of the founders of LiveParka ‘venues’ management company, as spaces for large events are called, in addition to special projects in entertainment, culture and sport, and the company responsible for the Novos Parques Urbanos consortium.

The business was founded in 2020 as part of the holding company DC Seta pioneer company in Brazil in treating the events sector as a big business.

DC Set manages shows for stars like the singer Roberto Carlosin addition to being behind festivals such as planet atlantison the coast of Rio Grande do Sul.

In addition to DC Set, the following are members of LivePark:

  • Oceanic Group, manager of the Balneário Camboriú aquarium, one of the largest in the country
  • Four engineering and construction companies: Turita, Era Técnica, Egypt and Pavienge

Marketing executive graduated from ESPM and with 30 years of experience in the combination of advertising and entertainment, December is one of those responsible for making the Allianz Parque arena the main venue for major shows in the city of São Paulo.

The management of various aspects of the arena, from naming rights to the events calendar, was conceived by December, CEO of the entertainment unit at WTowerbuilder of the arena, between 2011 and 2020.

The Allianz model, built over the past decade, was replicated at Teatro Santander, also in São Paulo. December is also signing the event management of Arena MRVstadium under construction in Belo Horizonte.

December’s foray into the world of concession parks began in February 2021. On that occasion, a group of partners won for 111 million reais the right to manage the Sao Paulo ZooO zoo safari (old one Simba Safaria popular tour among families in the 80s and 90s) and the Botanical Garden from the capital of São Paulo — three leisure complexes located a few meters away from each other, in the south zone of the capital.

How the new management changed the SP Zoo

December’s way of working at LivePark says a lot about the achievements in the concessions managed by his business so far — and the three parks to be taken over in September.

Since the end of last year, the São Paulo Zoo, the Safari Zoo and the Botanical Garden underwent a management shock. What was done:

  • Repairs to lighting, seating and bathrooms that had been out of order for a long time gave the three spaces a new lease of life.
  • A new online system for purchasing tickets has practically put an end to the queuing routine. Before, in the July season, the waiting time in lines at the zoo ticket office used to be two hours.

Today, almost 40% of tickets sold are already through the online system. The stores of the tour operator CVC throughout Brazil also started to sell advance tickets to the complex.

The period coincided with the reopening of structures at the Zoo, such as a restaurant in front of the space reserved for the giraffes.

In the Botanical Garden, a trail towards one of the sources of the Ipiranga stream was reopened in celebration of the bicentennial of Independence, declared there in 1822.

All this attracted more people to the place. Between December and May of this year, the complex formed by the Zoo, Safari and Botanical Garden received a record 424,000 visitors, 41% more than the same period in 2019.

In addition to more people, the average ticket also increased. “Taking all our efforts together, our average per capita growth in the period was 15% per month. Today, the average consumption value is 57 reais per person”, says December.

What are the plans for the new concessions

The plans are to repeat the formula at Villa Lobos, Cândido Portinari and Água Branca.

The consortium led by him will have the mission of renovating a good part of the existing structures and expanding the option of services such as food and parkingin addition to taking over the cleaning and property surveillance operations.

The plan is to take advantage of the vocation of each ‘venue’, says December.

Founded in 1989, Parque Villa-Lobos covers an area of ​​732,000 meters and offers several options for sports and leisure.

In 2013, the neighboring area became Parque Urbano Cândido Portinari, with easy access from the CPTM Vila-Lobos/Jaguaré station. There are more than 120,000 square meters.

“Villa-Lobos, as its name implies, was born connected with music. Several events are held there and we want to leverage this feature. In addition, it is a historic tennis space in São Paulo,” he says.

“The São Paulo Open tennis tournament, for example, had several editions held there. We will recover and revitalize the entire infrastructure, including the Ruth Cardoso nursery as well. And along with all this will come a schedule of events and content to fill the different spaces of the park.”

Água Branca and Villa Lobos Parks, in São Paulo: investment of 70 million reais over six years (Editing by Júlio Gomes/EXAME/Disclosure)

When do the renovations start?

Created in 1929 by the Secretary of Agriculture of the State of São Paulo, the Água Branca Park covers an area of ​​137,000 square meters.

The concession provides for the maintenance of Organic fairthe reading space, activities for the elderly, in addition to the renovation of the aquarium and the space for environmental education.

More efficient management of released birds on site is also in the plans. “At chickens and the Ducks will have responsible technical management as provided for in the public notice. We are not going to suppress anything that the park offers today,” he says.

The plan is to recover the ‘rural’ vocation of Água Branca. For decades, the space hosted exhibitions related to agriculture.

“Many of these events ended up migrating to other places due to the lack of investments in infrastructure”, he says.

The idea is to recover buildings in the park to attract technology companies dedicated to agribusiness, the so-called agtechs. “We want to see here a kind of Cube [mais famoso hub de startups na capital paulista] only from agtechs”, he says.

Renovations must begin between 90 and 120 days after the start of the new management. The interventions will be carried out in phases, without interrupting public visitation and with maximum security for those inside the parks.

The concession provides for the maintenance of the organic fair, the reading space, activities for the elderly, in addition to the renovation of the aquarium and the environmental education space. “It is worth noting that there will be no admission charge to enter the parks”, he says.

Source: Exam

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