Head of YouTube in Brazil talks concerning the Cup, video games, Casimiro and data

Head of YouTube in Brazil talks concerning the Cup, video games, Casimiro and data

More than 5.2 million people simultaneously watching Brazil and Switzerland. That was the record, so far, of the YouTube and the streamer Casimir in World Cup broadcasts. The feat is already the biggest live in the history of the platform, surpassing the historic live broadcast by singer Marília Mendonça, in 2020, and even the debut of Brazil in the Cup against Serbia. The recent agreement with Casimiro, which has resulted in unprecedented broadcasts of the games, is the result of a recent effort by YouTube to increase investment in local content, which also involves the game ecosystem, which is growing significantly as a content generator, as well as football. This was possible because LiveMode closed a partnership with FIFA for online transmissions and, in turn, closed with Casimiro who also broadcasts on Twitch.

To Forbes Brazil, Patrícia Muratori, head of YouTube in Brazil, talks about the strategies that preceded Cassimiro’s access record and the platform’s effort to expand its base of exclusive content. “The World Cup broadcast is part of the path we have been following, of the ecosystem we have been fostering. And it’s not about replicating the transmission that already happens in traditional media. We put together the power on an unprecedented tripod: Casimiro debuting as a streamer on YouTube on the newly created CazéTV, the World Cup as the biggest sporting event on the planet and YouTube, a great creativity laboratory that enables monetization at scale.”

Forbes Brasil – Casimiro broadcasting the World Cup Games on a new YouTube channel is symbolic in several aspects, what does this represent in terms of content and originality?
Patricia Muratori – Football on YouTube has always been huge. We had world audience records with the Flamengo x Fluminense final and countless success stories as creators and players involving best moments, interviews and also reactions. To get an idea of ​​this size, football was the most watched sport in 2021 across YouTube. When we set up a team dedicated to sports here in Brazil, we believed that initiatives had to be, above all, consistent and innovative. Another universe to explore was live broadcasts. And so, we started with the Copa do Nordeste, in a proposal to transform a regional championship with national appeal into a tournament accessible to the entire country on YouTube, making it even more relevant for fans – and also for brands.

FB – What are the other results of this period?
Patricia – This year, we brought Paulistão to YouTube. There were massive audiences, with more than 81 million views in all games – 73 million of which were viewed live, in a way of broadcasting that greatly pleased the public. We are still in 2022, but, I can say, next year’s championship has already started: we have all sponsorship quotas renewed and we went further. This success is the result of a partnership with LiveMode and our great aspiration was, without a doubt, to generate a unique experience, far beyond the 90 minutes of the games. Creators, players, commentators, a great mix and empathy with the public, generating greater differentiation in the experience and more engagement. Thus, the transmission of the World Cup is part of this path that we have been following. And when it comes to the Cup, it is worth remembering that the last edition had more than 10 billion views on YouTube, expressing the connection that fans already have with us.

FB – This year Nobru returned to YouTube this time through a partnership, this was also an important movement for the gamer scene, especially for what it represents in the community. How has it been contributing and what has been the unfolding of these partnerships?
Patricia – Nobru always combines creativity with business. He has a very attractive language for young audiences, for brands and he is a creator who explores all the possibilities of the platform, through a multi-format strategy. The engagement potential and quality of Nobru’s content are incredible, and we combine this with the diversity of formats that YouTube provides, such as lives, Shorts and on-demand content. But, above all, Nobru has a huge representation for our community. For its history, its trajectory, its impact and for everything it produces. He is one of the great examples of creators who don’t just have YouTube channels, but build businesses. In addition, Nobru is a reference that positively inspires other content creators and also those who want to become a professional gamer, exactly reflecting the platform’s strategy of scaling relevant content to millions of people every day.

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FB – Another very important project involving the world of games was Favela Gaming, how was the conception and how does it expand the platform’s initiatives?
Patricia – Favela Gaming was born out of a provocation by Edu Lyra during the pandemic. It took more than two years to plan the program to make it a sustainable and high-impact initiative. I’m always a big believer in the partnerships we can form, because that’s how we manage to generate a much more scalable effect. Thus, Gerando Falcões, Final Level and YouTube came together to help transform young people in the communities. We believe in the ability to expand opportunities, opening up new possibilities. It is a program that involves training through: Bootcamps on the main subjects of the games and eSports market with the issuance of certificates; Favela Cup with championships in the main eSports modalities and a Free Fire circuit that seeks to provide the opportunity for professional development of talents in the community. And Favela Gaming Arena – a physical space, built inside Favela 3D, where we will have young people from the communities putting into practice everything they learned through professional equipment to make videos and lives.

FB – Finally, 2022 has been an intense year for YouTube in many ways, can you highlight the most relevant projects involving content and partnerships?
Patricia – 2022 was especially important to us. We launched the second edition of the YouTube Impact Report in Brazil, developed with Oxford Economics, which showed that the platform’s impact on the Brazilian economy practically doubled. YouTube’s creative economy contributed more than R$6 billion to Brazil’s GDP and the equivalent number of jobs generated grew from 122,000 to 160,000. This result is the materialization of an entire ecosystem that contributes to the more than 120 million Brazilians who visit YouTube every month and the thousands of content creators and partners who build their businesses through the platform. Here in Brazil, there are already more than 20,000 channels that exceed 100,000 subscribers and another 2,000 that have already surpassed 1 million subscribers. In addition, I highlight other initiatives that involve 3 main pillars: entertainment, education and information. In entertainment, football was, without a doubt, the highlight of the year’s content. In education, we are very proud to announce a partnership combining all of UNESCO’s expertise as a curator of YouTube Edu content.

Source: Forbes

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