He guess on e-commerce to rent day laborers, launched franchises and has already earned BRL 6 million

He guess on e-commerce to rent day laborers, launched franchises and has already earned BRL 6 million

Cássio Nunes Siqueira owns Cia das Diaristas, a company that was created to serve companies in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul and now grows with units in several states.

the first company of Cassio Nunes Siqueira42 years old, was focused on condominium management in Santa Maria (RS). He founded the business in 2004, and came up with the idea of ​​incorporating corporate cleaning to the portfolio of services offered four years later. With its good performance, it transformed the front into a solo company, Cia das Diarists, in 2013. The business gained an e-commerce in 2019, and started to grow with franchises in the following year. Since the creation of the electronic channel, the company has earned a total of R$ 6 million. For this year, the projection is to reach R$ 3 million.

Siqueira says that the idea of ​​bringing residential cleaning to the business came after he noticed a greater demand for post-construction and apartment cleaning in the condominiums he served. The period in which he decided to take the Cia das Diaristas off paper coincided with the enactment of the Domestic PEC – which catapulted the services of hiring cleaning companies. “We had a very good climb, right at the beginning, because of that”, he says.

The entrepreneur says that growth actually came in 2019, when he put on the air a e-commerce for online contracting of services. “A customer spoke, in 2017, about the difficulty in buying outside business hours, and that gave me the idea of ​​e-commerce.” The pilot was put on the air in 2018, with an investment of around BRL 20,000. “We were able to start selling 24 hours a day. This showed us that we could win the market.”

Encouraged by the results obtained and the prospects, he thought of a way to scale the business and learned about the deductibles. The company was selected for an acceleration at the local Sebrae and managed to format the model to start the expansion in 2020. The first franchise was sold in October of that year and opened its doors in June 2021, in São Paulo. Today, there are 12 units traded.

In the first year of the pandemic, the company experienced a new surge in demand in the residential market. “Our biggest growth in 2020 was in residential condominiums. Spaces needed cleaning more often, and the market opened up to us.” Residential cleaning currently accounts for around 40%, but the focus is still on corporate, as it “guarantees greater recurrence, with more cash predictability”.

Siqueira says that all day laborers hired by the franchisor’s own units and by the franchised units are registered under the CLT regime. The number of employees depends on local demand, but each unit starts with two. “Our franchisee in Cachoeira do Sul (RS), for example, already has 13 employees.”

The contracting package provides between four and eight hours of service and can cost around R$ 199 for the maximum period in the São Paulo market. E-commerce accounts for up to 30% of revenue today, but the goal is to rise to 50%. The channel is managed by the franchisor and directs the contracted services to the unit closest to the customer.

Now, Cia das Diaristas enters a new stage with the entry of a new partner: the accelerator 300 Franchising, founded by the brothers Leandro and Leonardo Castelo. With this, Siqueira’s projection is to open 50 units by the end of 2023.

The initial investment to become a franchisee is from BRL 50 thousand (the amount includes the franchise fee, inaugural marketing, training and implementation), and the franchisee can operate from a home office, coworking space or own physical space – in the latter case, the estimated contribution does not include the structure.

Source: PEGN Magazine

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