Hacker assaults on the SME sector develop by 41% in Brazil: perceive how corporations can preserve knowledge protected

Hacker assaults on the SME sector develop by 41% in Brazil: perceive how corporations can preserve knowledge protected

Security service as a service can be an ally in protecting digital information

Although digital tools provide numerous facilities, hacker attacks are becoming more and more common, and the focus is on businesses that have protection vulnerabilities. According to the report released by Kaspersky, an international cybersecurity and digital privacy company, hacker invasions in Brazilian small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) grew 41% in 2022. In this scenario, some solutions such as the security service as a service are becoming increasingly common among companies.

At Arklok, a reference company in IT infrastructure outsourcing, technical support and availability of devices that guarantee all security steps are part of the scope of services offered to customers. With the high rate of intrusions and data leakage, the hiring of this type of solution has increased, especially in the last two years.

“Attacks on companies have increased due to the popularization of the home office. As a result, the volume of remote access to company data grew and people began to view important documents directly from home. We observed that large companies had a greater security infrastructure to adapt to remote work. Small and medium businesses, on the other hand, faced more difficulty keeping data safe. It is this fragility that aroused the interest of hackers”, explains Renan Torres, vice president of Arklok.

With the growth of ransomware, a type of malware that hijacks data through encryption, it is imperative that companies choose an effective endpoint system in which it is possible to control and view all devices that are connected to the network. This type of technology is able to keep up with the mutations and evolutions of malware, being a technology that is unlikely to become obsolete.

According to the study released by Check Point, the number of ransomware attacks on organizations has increased by 93%. To keep information away from cybercriminals, it is important to understand that effective security is made up of different steps and technologies.

“Our SECaaS service encompasses Firewall, SD-Wan and endpoint, in addition to having all the technical support necessary to deal with any type of threat. That way, companies don’t have to worry about designating a specific employee to take care of these processes that need to work synergistically, emphasizes Renan Torres.

And for those unfamiliar with the terms, a firewall, for example, is a security device that monitors all incoming and outgoing network traffic and decides to allow or block specific paths according to a defined set of security rules. . Firewalls have been the front line of defense in network security for over 25 years. After all, they provide a barrier between networks that may or may not be trusted, such as the Internet.

SD-WAN, or defined wide area network solutions, transform enterprise resources using a computer network, favoring multi-cloud connectivity in order to deliver high-speed performance for applications at the WAN edge of branch offices.

The combination of all these technologies and devices form a more effective and well-structured security and data communication system. In addition to these tools that effectively collaborate to protect companies, it is essential that entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of data confidentiality and, also, of the risks that this digital age offers.

“Digital information for hackers is gold, so we need to protect that data as best we can. Faced with an increasingly connected society, it is necessary for us to be aware of the risks that this new structure offers, so that we can enjoy the countless advantages that technology offers us in a more carefree way”, concludes the vice president of Arklok.

About Arklok

Founded in 2009 by CEO Andrea Rivetti, Arklok is one of the leading companies in the full outsourcing IT infrastructure market in Brazil. That is, it leases technology equipment, such as notebooks, desktops, printers, smartphones, among other items for companies in order to reduce corporate infrastructure costs. With more than 200 thousand items allocated and 900 customers in its portfolio, Arklok is present in more than 600 cities throughout the national territory.


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