Guedes’s speak about France exhibits rudeness and unpreparedness, says native media

Guedes’s speak about France exhibits rudeness and unpreparedness, says native media

The alleged “irrelevance” of France to the Brazilian government, in the opinion of the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, did not go unnoticed by the French media this Thursday (11). Of the major newspapers, such as Le Figaroto the more regional ones, such as the south westpassing through vehicles such as the TV channel BMF and the radio RTLall underlined the mix of misinformation and rudeness in the comments of this member of the Bolsonaro government.

For Guedes, France — “only” Brazil’s biggest foreign employer and third major investor in the country — is becoming irrelevant to the Brazilian economy, and if Paris doesn’t treat Brasília well, he intends to “give the fuck up” — a vulgar comment repeatedly underlined by the French media, which has already highlighted other lacks of “diplomacy” on the part of the Brazilian minister, not to mention just lack of education.

Bolsonaro’s plan promises again to raise IR exemption to 5 minimum wages

The comments by Jair Bolsonaro’s minister came during a meeting of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), a group that the Brazilian government would like to join. In his speech, he rebuts the criticism made of Brazil’s environmental policies.

the matter of Le Figaro is accompanied by a video, translating every word of the Brazilian minister during his speech, when he compares the figures negotiated annually by Brazil with France and China, in which the Asian giant displays an amount of US$ 120 billion against US$ 7 French billions.

In the speech, Paulo Guedes would be reproducing a previous discussion with “a French minister”, without identifying him. The daily also cites Bolsonaro’s minister’s criticism of French President Emmanuel Macron for having opposed the trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur.

Amazon vs Notre-Dame

already the newspaper south westwhich has more than 1 million readers, emphasizes Guedes’ comparison between the fires in the Amazon and the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral in 2019, when the minister accuses France of failing to control the flames that threatened “a block”, while the Amazon, whose surface exceeds the area of ​​some European territories, would be much more difficult to control.

The Radio website RTL begins his article by classifying the words of the Brazilian economist as “affront”.

Guedes’ vulgar expression — turn on the fuck — gives the title to the text of the BFMTVwho, in addition to citing the many barbs already exchanged by the Brazilian and French governments since the arrival of Jair Bolsonaro to power, shows that rudeness seems to be a specialty of the head of the Brazilian economy, by recalling that, on another occasion, Guedes referred to the France’s first lady Brigitte Macron as “really ugly”.

French netizens react

French internet users also did not miss this demonstration of the Bolsonaro government’s lack of education, making direct connections between the Minister of Economy and his head of state: “He is as diplomatic as his president”, says one. “He needs to review his economics courses”, jokes another. “What a geopolitical culture!” criticizes a reader. “We are only the fifth economy in the world. He is crazy this guy”, adds yet another internet user.

Source: Uol

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