General Price Index (IGP-DI) rises 0.62% in June

General Price Index (IGP-DI) rises 0.62% in June

High producer inflation in 12 months is 11.12%

In June, the General Price Index – Internal Availability (IGP-DI) rose 0.62%. O inflation indicator to the producer was released today (7), in Rio de Janeiro, by the Brazilian Institute of Economics, of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV Ibre).

The percentage was below the one calculated in May (0.69%). The indicator accumulates a high of 7.84% in 2022 and 11.12% in 12 months. In June last year, the IGP-DI had risen 0.11%, with an accumulated high of 34.53% in 12 months.

According to the coordinator of the Ibre Price Indices, André Braz, the slowdown was impacted by the drop in commodities.

“The drop in prices for large commodities makes room for the deceleration of producer inflation. The risk of recession in large economies contributed to the decline in prices for corn (from -0.10% to -3.30%), iron ore (from -4.61% to -1.63%) and soybeans (from 2.76% to -0.81%)”, he said.


Among the components of the IGP-DI, the Broad Producer Price Index (IPA) changed 0.44% in June, after rising 0.55% in May. By stages of processing, the rate of the Final Goods group changed from 0.03% in May to 0.72% in June, influenced by food in natura, whose rate went from -5.79% to -0.70%. The Final Goods Index (ex), which excludes food in natura and fuels for consumption, rose 0.82% in June, after rising 0.75% in May.

The Intermediate Goods rate changed from 1.46% to 1.33%, pressured by the supplies subgroup, whose rate went from 2.70% in May to -2.18% in June. The Intermediate Goods index (ex), which does not account for the variation of fuels and lubricants for production, fell 0.09% in June, after rising 0.48%.

Gross Raw Materials dropped 0.78% in June, after rising 0.04% in May, influenced by soybeans (2.76% to -0.81%), sugarcane (3 .65% to -1.24%) and corn in grain (-0.10% to -3.30%). Iron ore (-4.61% to -1.63%), cassava (-8.56% to 1.73%) and cattle (-2.89% to -1.52 %).

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) changed 0.67% in June, against 0.50% in May. Among the eight classes of expense in the index, three had an increase at the end of the month: Housing went from -1.37% to 0.43%, Food went from 0.45% to 1.30% and Clothing varied from 1.21 % to 1.26%.


The survey by FGV Ibre highlights in these expense categories the variation in the residential electricity tariff (-9.34% to -0.41%), vegetables (-9.06% to -5.13%) and clothes (1.37% to 1.53%). On the other hand, the changes in the Transport groups (1.02% to 0.18%), Education, Reading and Recreation (3.12% to 2.06%), Health and Personal Care (0.87% to 0 .42%), Communication (-0.14% to -1.08%) and Miscellaneous Expenses (0.91% to 0.13%).

The main influences were ethanol (3.09% to -6.79%), airline tickets (16.33% to 9.43%), toiletries and personal care (1.85% to -0.68% ), telephony, internet and pay-TV combo (-0.18% to -2.59%) and banking services (1.23% to 0.02%).

The core Consumer Price Index (CPI) registered 0.57% in June, after rising 0.84% ​​in May. The diffusion index, which measures the proportion of items with positive variation, was 72.58%, down from 74.84% in May.

Finally, the National Construction Cost Index (INCC) changed from 2.28% in May to 2.14% in June. Among the INCC component groups, the variations were from 1.72% to 1.07% in Materials and Equipment, 0.73% to 0.68% in Services and 3.08% to 3.35% in Labor .

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