‘Game of Thrones’ author says new books are ‘departing from the series’

‘Game of Thrones’ author says new books are ‘departing from the series’

George RR Martin already has two new books in the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ saga, which inspired the hit HBO series

The American writer and screenwriter George RR Martin, creator of the books that served as inspiration for “game of Thrones“, said that his next books will be more and more distant from the TV series of the saga, which aired from 2011 to 2019 on HBO.

On his personal blog, Martin likened his writing to gardening and stated that while it “sounds crazy, I know,” he can assure you that his “gardening” will foster the blossoming of new paths and stories separate from the TV show. Part of the fantasy book series called “A Song of Ice and Fire”, the author’s next books will be “The winds of winter” and “A dream of spring”.

“What I’ve noticed more and more, however, is that my gardening is taking me further and further away from the television series,” Martin said. “Yes, some of the things you saw on HBO in ‘Game of Thrones’ you’ll also see in ‘The Winds of Winter’ (maybe not in the same way)… Not every character that survived to the end in ‘Game of Thrones’ will survive to the end in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire,’ and not all characters who died in ‘Game of Thrones’ will die in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire. (Some will for sure. Sure. Maybe most. But definitely not all.) (Of course, I might change my mind again next week, with the next chapter I write. That’s gardening),” he wrote.

In 2019, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Martin had already said that there would be considerable differences between the series and his books.

“I know a few things, but there are a lot of little characters that they will end up creating in the end. They passed the books many years ago, so there may be major discrepancies,” the writer told the publication, when asked what he knew about the season eight finale.

Now 73 years old, George RR Martin began writing “A Song of Ice and Fire” in 1996, inspired by the Wars of the Roses, a series of disputes for the throne of England that took place between 1455 and 1485, during the reigns of Henry VI, Edward IV and Richard III.

In 2007, HBO bought the rights to the work for television, premiering the first season of “Game of Thrones” in April 2011. After eight seasons and more than sixty episodes, the series, which covers the first five books of the saga by Martin, is considered a worldwide phenomenon and was even considered the best TV series of the 21st century, in 2020, in a poll carried out by Digital Spy magazine.

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