From SC, Quiron is elected one of many 200 most modern startups on the planet with expertise in opposition to fires

From SC, Quiron is elected one of many 200 most modern startups on the planet with expertise in opposition to fires

The company now joins 199 other tech companies in the running for a $100,000 prize at the end of October in the United States.

One of the main news sites dedicated to innovation and technology, the American TechCrunch announced this Monday the selection of the Brazilian agtech Chiron Digital as one of the 200 most innovative startups of 2022.

Quiron Digital is the only Brazilian company on this year’s TechCrunch list.

The company now joins 199 other technology companies, also chosen among the 200 Startups of the year, which will compete for a prize worth US$ 100,000 announced on the last day of the event called Disrupt 2022 — Startup Battlefield 200, scheduled for the end. October in San Francisco, United States.

What does Chiron do?

Founded in Lagesa city of 160,000 inhabitants in the mountainous region of Santa Catarina, Quiron creates technologies to reduce the risk of fires and other forest threats.

In operation since 2021, the startup has four products:

  • flareless, a satellite monitoring tool with daily fire risk calculations. The measurement is made using algorithms capable of transforming disparate data — type of tree, slope and level of dryness of the terrain, proximity to urban centers and so on — on a scale from low to very high risk of the thing catching fire.
  • Discover: a platform for prospecting new areas for reforestation.
  • mapper and diagnosissystems for monitoring pests and other forest diseases without the need to go to the field.

Quiron’s business begins in 2018, based on a finding by the biologist Gil Pletschcurrent CEO of Quiron, systems developer Leonardo Hampelthe company’s CTO, and the administrator Diogo Machadocurrent CMO and director of markets, about the lack of secure tools to monitor the risk of fires.

This is a question of the order of the day for the people around Chiron.

The mountain region of Santa Catarina concentrates one of the main areas of reforestation in the country and has become a center of innovation in the sector.

Major players in the forestry sector, such as klabin and Berneckoperate there.

Cutting-edge courses and research dedicated to agribusiness abound in local universities.

Marcos Benedito Schimalskiassociate professor of forest engineering at the Lages da Udesca public university in Santa Catarina, a national reference in research on agro technologies, is also one of the founding partners of Quiron.

“The curiosity is that 95% of Quiron’s customers are currently outside Brazil”, says Machado.

who are the customers

The company’s software is used by the governments of Portugal and Greece to prevent fires in native forests there.

In addition, companies in the forestry sector in Chile, the United States and Portugal have adopted the solutions.

In just over 12 months of operation, Quiron moved BRL 5 million, between product sales and capital contributions aimed at new technologies.

In September, Quiron was also chosen to participate in the Google for Startups Acceleratora three-month acceleration program promoted by the tech giant focused on sustainability businesses.

“The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are fundamental parts of Quiron’s action strategy”, says Machado.

In March 2021, the startup received a contribution of 750,000 reais from Anjos do Brasil.

The partners’ expectation is to take advantage of the international notoriety to secure Quiron for new funding rounds in the coming months.

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