From Brasilia, cybersecurity firm NTSEC buys Ziva and targets income of R$ 200 million

From Brasilia, cybersecurity firm NTSEC buys Ziva and targets income of R$ 200 million

With the first acquisition since its foundation in 2007, the NTSEC Group targets revenues of R$ 200 million in 2022

O NTSEC Group, specialized in information security, has just acquired Ziva Tecnologia, from São Paulo, in an attempt to expand the technology infrastructure services available to its corporate clients. With the deal, the expectation is to reach at least R$ 200 million in sales and reach other BRL 200 million in revenue in 2022🇧🇷

Founded in 2007 in Brasilia, NTSEC started as a timid information security company. The business created by computer engineer Bruno Nobrega arose from the perception that, at the time, there was a lack of companies capable of offering technology and security solutions, but that could also be responsible for the entire implementation of these new tools on customers — mostly companies. medium and large.

From this idea, Nóbrega founded the company that since then has been dedicated to the combination of the sale of cybersecurity solutions (mostly software and databases with some layer of protection) and also the workforce formed by teams responsible for helping the companies in the step by step of these installations. “I knew that this simple addition would be responsible for bringing a difference in the market”, says the CEO.

Currently, the Group is formed by the companies Ziva, NGSX and Infosec, organizations that provide services and license information security products and services.

Ziva, in turn, specializes in technological infrastructure, bringing security to corporate networks, helping companies to create communication projects and connected computer networks from scratch (here we read internet), already with the necessary protection to avoid hacker attacks , for example.

This is NTSEC’s first acquisition since its founding, a negotiation that has lasted for at least three years — according to Nóbrega, the Group has been working in partnership with Ziva since 2018.

The long delay was due to finding models that were actually advantageous for the company. Although Ziva was already a partner, there was not much synergy in the business, nor was NTSEC interested in consolidating acquisitions, he explains. “Acquisitions were not part of our plan, it was more a consequence of time and experience in the market”, he says.

What does the company

In practice, the NTSEC Group is responsible for the entire layer of information security behind access by companies and their employees to the Internet. Among the company’s main services are:

  • Construction of data centers;
  • Management of IT calls;
  • Installation of security programs and software;
  • Personal data security.

With the merger of the two companies, NTSEC also starts to serve companies that still do not have any network for the installation of end-to-end security programs, since it now starts to act in the structuring of corporate networks.

eliminating excess contracts with different suppliers. “Our focus is to provide our customers with complete solutions, from data protection to infrastructure, network security and defense against different cyber threats. With the acquisition of Ziva, we now have all the know-how of almost 20 years of experience in the company’s network infrastructure, in addition to the ability to deliver communication and physical and visual security projects, such as smart cities”, comments Bruno Nóbrega , CEO of NTSEC Group.

where is the company

The NTSEC Group has its headquarters in Brasília, but it operates throughout the national territory, especially in the Southeast, North and Northeast regions of the country, in capitals such as São Paulo, Fortaleza, Manaus and Cuiabá. Ziva, which is headquartered in São Paulo, now gains capillarity to scale nationally.

With a strong presence in the South, the arrival of Ziva should also benefit the generation of business for NTSEC in the region, a shy action currently. In addition, there will be more than 300 projects in progress and more than 200 new clients added to the portfolio.

What’s the plans

The synergy between the two companies should leverage revenues, in Nóbrega’s expectations. According to the CEO, NTSEC should earn BRL 200 million in 2022 and, with the arrival of Ziva — scheduled for January 2023 — the amount should jump to BRL 250 million.

The sales target for 2023 is a little more ambitious: BRL 300 million, compared to the BRL 200 million expected for this year

All of this must be based on actions that also consider trends in the technology market from now on. The NTSEC Group should start targeting the cloud, helping companies to migrate to the new environment and store their data there. “More and more, our concern is how the NTSEC Group, with technology, can positively impact society, being more productive and less bureaucratic”, he says.

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