Former saleswoman goes from salary of BRL 3,500 to income of BRL 500,000 per month

Former saleswoman goes from salary of BRL 3,500 to income of BRL 500,000 per month

Businesswoman Brunna Siqueira earned BRL 3,500 a month as a saleswoman, and now earns BRL 500,000 a month through the sale of online courses

A little over two years ago, if you went to a department store in a shopping mall in Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, you would find Brunna Siqueira cashier or customer service as a salesperson.

At the time, Brunna was earning about BRL 3.5 thousand.

Anyone who saw her at that moment would never say that the same saleswoman would become a millionaire about 24 months later thanks to the digital marketing.

“Today I earn BRL 500 thousand”, explains Brunna Siqueira, working with digital products.

“I got to know my profession at the height of the pandemic, when I was about to lose my job like many people. I got to know the digital market and all the opportunities that this niche offered me, in addition to geographic freedom. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else these days,” explains the businesswoman.

Bruna is now a mentor and sells courses on the internet.

With this service, it promises to teach students 14 different ways to undertake, work on the web and earn money from it without leaving home.

Currently, she has been committed to doing this work with women, who often find themselves in delicate situations for financial dependence.

For this, he says: “I invested in many courses, lectures and immersions on the digital market, in addition to studying a lot. I always had a great speed in execution, so I learned very quickly and, at the same time, I started to apply all the knowledge in the same agility”.

In the beginning, she sold products from other content producers – a profession dubbed “affiliate” among experts on the subject.

Now, she is already a producer and has conquered her own network of affiliates, which are nothing more than resellers of what she herself creates.

“Right at the beginning, I wasn’t used to appearing much on social networks and, when I started to appear to sell products online, I started to receive a lot of criticism from friends and relatives, I received messages like ‘you’ve become a blogger now’ or ‘internet doesn’t work. future for anyone’. Even messages questioning my choice to quit my 6-year CLT job to live off the Internet. I believe this was the most difficult phase of the process,” she says.

And then he replies: “But thanks to my incredible results from the beginning, I stuck to it and didn’t want to listen to anyone anymore. Today, two years later, I earn half a million reais a month, I retired my parents, I have my mansion, I travel whenever I want around the world and, the best, with my family”.

According to Brunna, there are tips that can be useful for those who want to start their own business on the internet.

Check out five tips from Brunna Siqueira for those who want to start their own business on the internet

  1. Learn it: “In the beginning, I took several courses, studied and spent a lot of time understanding how the digital universe worked. In a short time, I started putting everything into practice and seeing what worked and what didn’t. And the internet is a lot of that. Learn and experience”.
  2. Experiences are always valid: “As I said, another tip is to try. If it doesn’t work, ok. Can stop. But it is in such an idea that the great fortune of your life can arise, as was my case. Think of strategies and always put everything into practice. Making mistakes is part and also the process of undertaking on the web”.
  3. Planning It is essential: “On the other hand, it’s no use shooting in all directions. Stop, think and program. Think about what you’re going to act on, what strategy you’re going to use, what the tools will be. There can be several attempts, but they all need to have a central objective.”
  4. Use the internet to your advantage: “The internet is an environment to get rich, yes. But it is also a place to learn. The very people who invest in it, like me, give tips on how to make money on the web. Find the right people, follow their work and see what can and cannot work in this niche business.”
  5. Set goals: “Not that it’s a rule, but having a goal makes us strive to achieve it. If you don’t achieve what is established, use it as a lesson. But also establish situations that are possible and understand that nothing is overnight. For this, again, it is important to plan all actions”.

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