For Quintas, from Samsung, 5G will popularize entry to expertise in Brazil

For Quintas, from Samsung, 5G will popularize entry to expertise in Brazil

In an article, the vice president of Samsung Brazil’s mobile devices division argues that access to mobile technology is a fundamental step for innovation

Innovating is not just about implementing new technologies, but ensuring they are available to everyone.

We believe that everyone has the right to experience the positive impact of technology on their lives, we have been constantly working to democratize the main innovations for products in the most diverse price ranges, we have set new standards for the industry – such as the new smartphones products that we presented to the world on the 23rd of August in Brazil.

with the arrival of 5G in Brazil and the expansion of this technology across the states, the country will go through a process of popularization of access, with more and more users discovering new possibilities to change their routines and explore new experiences. However, we know that, many times, access to what is most modern is restricted for financial reasons.

Understanding this market need, we develop products and services so that consumers have easy access to technologies. Our greatest example of democratization is our 5G smartphone portfolio — the largest in Brazil — and our intermediate lines, made up of smartphones that have cutting-edge Galaxy innovations, just a few months after being presented in premium models.

But Samsung’s innovations aren’t just restricted to products, we also care about how they can be purchased.

For example, we evolved Troca Smart, our trade-in program that accepts smartphones as part of the payment for a new smartphone, by implementing a product collection service in some states and allowing the exchange to be carried out entirely online.

We also created a financial accessibility program for consumers, who now have more payment methods and options. We also offer, through a partnership, a subscription rental service, which costs about 60% of the total value of the smartphone and has insurance against theft and accidents.

In addition, we were the first technology company to offer a credit card in Brazil, with a series of benefits and the possibility of paying in installments for our products, up to 24 interest-free installments in our official stores.

Democratizing access to these innovations and technologies has yielded good results. In early 2022, with the launch of a new family of premium smartphones, more than 60% of consumers used Troca Smart to purchase one of our smartphones.

This contributed to the Samsung to remain the leader in smartphones in Brazil, with 51.3% of the market share of the total market, and 47% of the premium market, according to GfK data for the first half of the year. In fact, our most advanced smartphone so far, the Samsung S22 Ultra 5G, was responsible for 46% of pre-orders for the entire S22 line, launched earlier this year.

A fundamental part of our innovation process is to understand – and solve – the needs of consumers, presenting new ways of dealing with their desires and goals. But we also know the importance of always seeking to surprise consumers with novelties that open the way to new possibilities.

Foldable smartphones, for example, reached around 10 million units exported worldwide last year, representing a sectoral increase of more than 300% from 2020.

The success of this category of mobile devices is one of many examples that demonstrate how innovation continues to be the great tool for transforming markets, even if they are already consolidated.

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