For 92% of entrepreneurs, that is a very powerful social community

For 92% of entrepreneurs, that is a very powerful social community

Research by RD Station listened to 297 small business marketers and selected tips for better performance on social media

A survey of digital marketing startup RD Station shows that, for most entrepreneurs, the social networks are an inseparable part of the sales strategy. The survey, which surveyed 297 small business marketers, also found that Instagram is the preferred social network for entrepreneurs.

The objective of the study was to evaluate the use of social networks by clients of the RD network, formed mainly by small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to understanding the favorite networks of entrepreneurs, RD Station also sought to analyze whether the profiles and publications in each of these networks are part of the business strategy of these companies.

In response, the survey identified that 100% of small businesses use social networks as part of their marketing and sales strategy, and incorporate the statistics extracted from there for planning and investment actions.

Why is Instagram the preferred social network?

For more than 90% of professionals surveyed, Instagram is the most relevant network with the greatest potential for generation of new business. After her are:

  • Facebook (62%);
  • LinkedIn (37.7%)
  • TikTok (3.3%)

The ease with which users search for information about companies there, from product descriptions to menus and photos of dishes in a restaurant, makes Instagram one of the most sensitive networks for consumer research. The decision-making process at the time of purchase or choice of a service, then, has left only the search engines and invaded the social network.

For this reason, Instagram gains relevance when it comes to attracting a consumer who is still undecided about a particular purchase, and not having a presence on this network can mean losing space for competition, according to RD.

How to use social media in digital marketing

In addition to market research that helps to understand the scenario of social networks, RD Station sought to listen to professionals who deal daily with performance challenges with digital marketing to map the main strategies for a good performance on social networks. Here are some tips suggested by the study:

1. Keep profiles active on different networks

A consumer today hardly uses a single social network. On the contrary. Networks are used at different times of the day, and for different purposes. Given this, connecting with potential customers is an effort that requires a presence at multiple ends. As a recommendation, RD reinforces that presence alone is not enough: it is necessary to know your audience, interests and motivations.

2. Have analysis tools

When asked about the most relevant resources for the social media strategy, 54% professionals pointed to the existence of a page capable of gathering information such as statistics, average likes and comments on publications. Already 51.8% of the respondents stated that the performance reports are in different formats (images, video, etc).

With this, the conclusion is that more than having access, being able to have ways to organize and rationalize the tangle of data extracted from social networks is seen as an element of great value for companies and part of a strategy that focuses on more assertive campaigns. . Use social media as a source of valuable insights.

3. Turn admirers into customers

But it is not always so simple to achieve a relevant number of sales through Instagram in a scenario where competitiveness remains high. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges is to turn followers into customers and increase conversions via social networks. With this conversion process in mind, the RD survey indicates two actions:

  • Create a bio link to turn your profile into a showcase and direct your audience to the right place;
  • Schedule posts to optimize time on different networks.

Source: Exam

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