Fleury’s CEO made the corporate develop 30% amid the disaster

Fleury’s CEO made the corporate develop 30% amid the disaster

Paulista de Catanduva, daughter of a merchant (born in Japan) and a housewife (of Japanese descent, born in Brazil), Jeane is the first family doctor🇧🇷 She grew up determined by the profession, although she studied physics in high school. “She wanted to study medicine for the intellectual challenge, for wanting to understand systems and mechanisms, and for having an impact on people’s lives.” Jeane is in Forbes list of the best CEOs of 2022.

He studied medicine at USP in Ribeirão Preto (SP) and left for the state capital in search of a residency at InCor, already focused on cardiology. He completed his doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine of USP and a postdoctoral degree at the University
of Nebraska Medical Center.

He started writing his story in Fleury in 2001, as a cardiologist. “Upon returning from my post-doctorate, I was invited to set up the research, development and innovation area.” In addition to being a research manager since 2007, she has served as a manager and director in the areas of R&D and knowledge management; as Chief Medical Officer (2012-2018) and Chief Business Officer (2018-2021). She has shaped management expertise with an MBA in Knowledge, Innovation and Technology from the FIA ​​and executive programs at MIT’s Harvard Business School, Wharton and Sloan School of Management.

What is the connection between your medical career and your career as an executive? “The link is innovation. The way you produce knowledge and apply it for the benefit of society – this is innovation. Fleury is a historical reference in this area (the group was on the Forbes Innovative Companies list in 2021).”

And what is the common characteristic for these two career moments? “THE resilience: It is fundamental both in the medical profession, since its formation, and in the position of CEO, because not everything will always work out. It’s that famous phrase: success is you going from failure to failurewithout losing enthusiasm!”

Leading the group since April of last year (growth of 30% and launch of 430 new products and services), Jeane proposed three main pillars: continue growing in diagnostic medicine, expand to new services and evolve the digital platform, which accompanied the change in customer behavior during the pandemic. “Fleury is 96 years old and, for the centenary milestone, we structured the strategy of the group being more accessible, more integrated, more sustainable.”

Source: Forbes

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