Firm earns BRL 15 million with restoration of undue taxes and launches franchise

Firm earns BRL 15 million with restoration of undue taxes and launches franchise

“Our premise is to go to the customer and say: you could pay less taxesif you did it differently.” This is how the tax man Tiago Coelho37 years old, explains the purpose of the Tax Groupa tax calculation company and accountingwhich was born in Jaraguá do Sul, in the interior of Santa Catarina in 2009. The brand, which currently has four units of its own, has just announced the expansion through deductibles🇧🇷

Since the company’s founding, Coelho has accounted for R$ 500 million in redemptions of unduly paid taxes – one of its main advertising banners. For this year, he projects a growth between 15% and 20%, reaching R$ 15 million in revenue.

The entrepreneur started his career in the accounting market in 2001, but migrated to the tax area the following year. He worked in a specialized consultancy until 2009, when he decided to create his own business. “I was unhappy with some market practices and decided to do it my way. I ended up communicating to some friends and companies for which I worked. They gave me emotional and financial backing to get started,” he says.

Coelho started alone and gradually brought in more professionals to compose the FiscALL team. He managed to make the business stand out in the region of Santa Catarina with associative participation and dissemination of the benefits of consulting for companies. “Tax legislation changes all the time, it changes every day, it is difficult to follow. Companies start paying taxes without even understanding what they are paying.”

Between 2017 and 2021, already capitalized, Coelho made four acquisitions of local offices, extending the arms of the company and starting to offer services accounting🇧🇷 Today, FiscALL operates in the cities of Jaraguá do Sul, São Bento do Sul, Rio Negrinho and Itajaí, with three other partners and more than 100 employees. This multi-unit action made the entrepreneur realize that he could go further with the replication of the know-how he had. So he started looking at the franchise market. “The ability to act reaches a limit, even with acquisitions. Creating and managing own units is an expensive business.”

Coelho says that the motivation came when he was prospected by a consultancy in the sector, which wanted to scale the fintech that he also owns. The businessman, however, saw an opportunity for FiscALL. “I developed the tax recovery processes there at the beginning of the company. We use it to this day, in an improved way. We already have the know-how and it is replicable.”

The idea is to look for accounting and law firms that can incorporate the brand’s methodology. The initial investment starts at R$50,000, and can vary according to the model chosen — there are three structures: complete, hybrid and internal. The difference is the degree of support the franchisee will have. In the complete format, it receives a customer base, captured in a virtual way, from the franchisor itself. In the cheapest one, the internal one, it is necessary to form a commercial team of its own. The pilot has been tested in Itajaí.

For 2023, the goal is to have 50 franchised units and reach R$ 5 million in new revenues. In up to five years, Coelho intends to reach 200 units in Brazil. “We are joining forces to take the FiscALL Group to the whole country. We look for companies that are aligned with our purposes, especially those whose mission is to provide tax solutions that improve management and enhance the results of our clients”, he says.

Despite having started alone, Coelho says that growth came when he started to bring in specialized people to help him in other areas and that is what motivates him to grow in a network. “You have to have entrepreneurs on your side who improve your business. If I were my own finance department, I would have broken the office there early on. I like to invest a lot in marketing and promotion, and I needed someone to put a brake on me.”

Source: PEGN Magazine

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