Feminine Entrepreneurship: Jessycakes Candy Dream

Feminine Entrepreneurship: Jessycakes Candy Dream

Entrepreneur Jessyca Guasti’s dream of opening her own business was fulfilled in March 2022, before turning 30 and less than three years after creating Jessycakes. But starting a business and getting your first store are just two points on a path that takes a lot of study, planning and determination. And that still include maternity in the middle of the process.

With a business degree, Jessyca knew she needed to be prepared for this challenge. “I took advantage of all the opportunities I had to participate in courses, fairs, workshops and seminars offered by Sebrae/ES and that contributed a lot to the management of my company”, says the entrepreneur.

The cakes and sweets, before, were part of the family routine, which savored exclusively the delicacies prepared by Jessyca. “It was just a hobby. Until one day I received my first order. And from then on I saw the need to create my brand”, explains the young businesswoman.

An opportunity she understood could not be missed. Due to her experience, she knew that, first, it was necessary to create the brand and its visual identity. From there, think about how to present your products, including the sweets menu and social media accounts. “It was the beginning of a dream! Orders grew and I gained several clients”, details Guasti.

In the midst of the pandemic, which was already a challenge in itself, Jessyca became pregnant and chose to reduce the pace of work. “I chose to take care of my daughter,” she says. The year 2021 was dedicated to the family, until the chance to have a physical store in Laranjeiras, Serra came up. Another opportunity not wasted. “A huge challenge. But the desire to grow and spread my love in the form of sweets was greater than anything else”, confesses the entrepreneur.

Just like Jessyca, more than 49,000 women from Espírito Santo, aged between 25 and 34, are entrepreneurs in Espírito Santo. The most recent data from the Continuous National Household Sample Survey (PNAD-C) point to this age group as the second largest in number of female entrepreneurs. There are 64,600 women aged between 35 and 44 years old; and 42,600 between 45 and 54. Another 36,700 are over 55 years old, and 12,800 are up to 24 years old.

“My advice to you, entrepreneurial woman, is to never give up on your dreams, no matter how difficult they may seem. But never stop training yourself, guiding yourself, because there is never too much information. Sebrae/ES has everything your company needs to stay structured, and good management makes all the difference”, reinforces Guasti.

Source: Sebrae Agency

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