Father’s Day: uncover tales of oldsters and kids who undertake collectively

Father’s Day: uncover tales of oldsters and kids who undertake collectively

Discover the story of enterprising parents who work with their children

Does working as a family work? For many, the answer is yes. Sharing knowledge and bringing together life experiences can be solutions for a successful partnership in business and family life, increasing the contact and proximity of parents with their children.

Bruno Semenzato and Beatriz Semenzato, respectively CEO and marketing director at SMZTO, a private equity firm specializing in deductibles, are examples of this. The two are children of Jose Carlos Semenzatofounder of the company and entrepreneur with a consolidated career in the franchising market.

They help the father in the management of the 12 consolidated companies of SMZTO such as Espaçolaser, OdontoCompany, Nanicas, L’Entrecôte de Paris, Instituto Embelleze, among others. The company has more than 4,000 units in operation and plans to earn BRL 6.7 billion in 2022.

“It is an eternal exchange of learning and experiences. I only see positive factors in this relationship”, says Semenzato, who claims that he demands even more from his children when it comes to the results.

In commemoration of the Father’s Daycheck out other successful examples of parents and children who decided to invest in franchises together:

business benefits

Agnes Vatanabe, a 39-year-old administrator, has always chosen to invest in franchising because of the support offered by the brand in managing the business. It owns five franchised units. Imaginariumone of the brands of the Uni.co Group, acquired by Americanas SA in 2021.

The partnership with his father, Jorge Vatanabe, 71, as partners in one of his units was such a success that Jorge implemented a financial system in the stores, something that Agnes identifies as a great evolution in her business.

“He has experience in finance that I don’t. I feel privileged to be able to work with him and I realize that this change has given better results for the business”, she says.

In addition, the work contributed to the improvement in the relationship between father and daughter: “Our relationship has improved a lot. We both teach each other a lot.”

Trust-based society

Ozair Walder de Moura Mendes, 62, is an engineer and entrepreneur. In 2020, even during the pandemic, he decided to invest in an orthodontics chain franchise OrthoDontic – the main segment in the country. When he opened his unit, he needed a partner for the project and invited his son, Guilherme Mendes, 32 years old. To this day, he can’t imagine someone else to replace him in business.

In the day to day of the company, Guilherme works in the operation and his father in the financial sector of the unit. For Ozair, the best part of partnership with his son is loyalty. “The keys to our business are trust and division of tasks,” he explains.

learning environment

After being introduced and invited to join the society lavothe largest chain of self-service laundries in Brazil, by his son Fernando Bocchese, Osvaldo Bocchese started to manage the Passo Fundo (RS) unit of the franchise with Fernando and Marco Bocchese, his other son.

The decision to undertake was proved adequate by the calm relationship between the 3 making work a place of constant learning. “I am on the move and learning and, despite the difficulties encountered, I have a good relationship with my children, who are always more up-to-date.”, says Osvaldo.

Professionalism to develop

By investing in his own enterprise, Mauro Bastos, an engineer by training, joined with his 3 children, João Henrique, Luis Felipe and Leonardo, to manage the units of DentalCompany in Osasco, Sao Paulo.

Even with the family relationship, Mauro makes sure that the workspace and expectations are strict, something he believes is necessary for his children to grow professionally.

“I am recognized for being very demanding at work and with my children I am even more so. I want to see them always performing as well or better than me, as we see the family business growing and they are my successors,” she explained.

Change of plans

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ray Oliveira, 48, closed his hotel in goiania (GO), thus leaving no fixed income. Now, two years later, Ray is about to open a delivery from Mr. fit, franchise fast-food restaurant in Planaltina de Goiás, Brasília, with the help of his father, João Pereira Nunes, 72 years old.

Among his plans for the new business is to expand it to other cities, as well as achieving financial independence to take care of his family. “I am very grateful to my father,” celebrated Ray.

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