Fast Shop suffers hack attack

Fast Shop suffers hack attack

Since 2020, a wave of cyber attacks has brought losses and setbacks to a number of companies in the Brazilian market, from different sectors. And, it seems, this list has gained a new member in the last few hours.

In the early hours of Thursday, June 22, in a post on Fast Shop’s official Twitter profile, an unknown author claims that the retailer’s information technology systems and cloud computing infrastructures are under “extortion attack.” 72 hours ago.

“We gained access to a few terabytes of your data from VCenter and various cloud services. AWS, Azure, IBM, Gitlab,” the message reads. The author also writes that the information obtained includes various company and consumer data. “We would be happy to negotiate with you to prevent this data from being leaked and to help resolve these issues.”

In a post made shortly before this sequence, the Fast Shop profile announced the closing of all stores until June 26th and the suspension of all orders placed through the e-commerce until June 27th.

wanted by NeoFeed, Fast Shop did not confirm the attack, but informed, through its press office, that it is investigating the case. Founded in 1986, the chain has more than 80 stores in the country and is known for the sale of electronics and home appliances.

As found out the NeoFeed, the invasion was, in fact, consummated. But the company managed to resolve the issue and restore, for example, a few minutes ago, access to its official website, which was down early this morning.

With the attack, the retailer will thicken the relationship that began to gain scale two years ago. A good part of these incidents involve a modality known as ransomware, which includes the hijacking of a user’s or a company’s data and, later, a request for an amount to unlock access to that information.

Recently, in February of this year, Americanas was one of the victims of invasions, having the websites and Submarino brought down by an attack. In the release of the balance sheet for the first quarter of 2022, the company reported that the incident brought a loss of R$ 923 million to the operation.

In 2021, the list of companies that also suffered from this wave included names such as Renner, Atento, Fleury, Westwing, Copel, Eletronuclear, CVC and Porto Seguro.

In 2020, companies such as Cosan, Hapvida and Avon, an American company that is part of the Brazilian group Natura&Co, also faced intrusions into their systems.

The increasingly frequent attacks are not restricted to large companies present in the Brazilian market. In April 2021, for example, Apple was pressured by a group of crackers – as hackers who use their knowledge for illicit purposes are known – named REvil, who demanded an amount of US$ 50 million for the rescue of data captured from the company. company.

Source: Neofeed

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