Ex-waiter bought out of debt of R$ 250 thousand and now earns R$ 1 million with an automotive service retailer

Ex-waiter bought out of debt of R$ 250 thousand and now earns R$ 1 million with an automotive service retailer

After having problems with a partner and accumulating debt, the Nani Sound franchise has 22 units under contract and wants to earn BRL 3 million in 2022

What makes someone undertake? Many decide to combine areas of interest with the need to generate income. This was the case of Ananias Oliveira Filho, 35, who worked as a waiter, but decided to resign to work with what he always liked: cars.

In 2009, he sold his Monza 89 and invested R$3,900 in a small auto service store. After having problems with the partner and accumulating a debt of R$ 250 thousand, the franchise Nani Sounda network of accessories and automotive aesthetics, has 22 units under contract and has already earned BRL 1 million in 2022.

“I resigned, received R$1,100, sold my Monza, a car I loved, in exchange for a motorcycle and a little more money. In all, I raised BRL 3,900. It was all the money I had, and I put it all into the business,” he says.

how it started

Tired of the heavy routine at the restaurant where he worked, Nani, as he is known, suggested a partnership to his colleague who worked with auto-electric at home.

“He would provide the tools and services, I would provide the money, and we would share the store’s profits. Everyone around me discouraged me, saying I didn’t know anything about the business. And indeed, I didn’t know it, but I was willing to take the risk and learn along the way,” he says.

The partner accepted and the pair rented a space in Jardim Mitsutani, Campo Limpo, which could only fit a small car. The beginning was challenging. Nani’s partner was an alcoholic, which impacted the business’s results.

To reverse the situation, the entrepreneur bought the partner’s share in the business. The number of customers grew again, new employees were hired and he moved to a bigger location.

In 2011, two entrepreneurs opened an automotive service business near Nani’s store. He offered his services at lower prices to them. In the end, they ended up becoming partners.

The trio of entrepreneurs grew and opened three stores. When the partnership was dissolved, the unit in Jardim Germânia, São Paulo, which was owned by Nani, gained a new name and, officially, Nani Sound was born.

Debt of BRL 250 thousand

Nani continued to undertake alone and his income began to increase. However, without studies and experience in the financial sector, he did not know how to manage his resources.

The entrepreneur paid for purchases in installments with suppliers and, with monthly invoicing, paid only fixed expenses, using the rest for personal purposes. With the installments accumulating, Nani owed R$ 250 thousand in 2015.

“I used the partner machine to get the services done. So he was guaranteed payment and I received it too,” she says.

Unable to pay the store’s rent, he had to move to a smaller location and was no longer able to buy materials from suppliers. In total, it was two years in the negative.

The entrepreneur’s wife had a basic notion of management and began to do the math and manage the crisis. With the opportunity to open a new CNPJ in the wife’s name, they went back to buying from suppliers and, little by little, the account was paid off.

Nani says the situation has even brought benefits. “As the old suppliers were no longer interested in negotiating, I was forced to look for other partners and expand their networking”, she says.

Thus, it got in touch with new suppliers, which offered better prices and conditions. They applied the strategy of buying less frequently and in cash, thus avoiding future debts.

As of 2017, the accounts are back in balance. “We opened three new units and Nani Sound was being rebuilt”, he says.

The Nani Sound franchise plans

During a conversation with his friend Fernando Cássio, who works at Grupo Kalaes, the entrepreneur was convinced to turn the business into a franchise.

Last year, with its own stores, it earned R$ 2.5 million. This year, when he joined the franchising, he had already earned R$ 1 million with four units and he expects to reach R$ 3 million in revenue.

“Nani’s entrepreneurial story shows how hard he fought to get where he is. We are going to expand this successful business model to the entire country”, says Sidney Kalaes, brand partner and president of Grupo Kalaes.

By the end of the year, ten more units will be inaugurated, three of them next month. In total, between inaugurated and under implementation, the chain has 22 franchises.

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