Entrepreneurs create platform that facilitates evaluation of laboratory checks

Entrepreneurs create platform that facilitates evaluation of laboratory checks

The nutritionist Karla Lacerda says that, since college, she has already seen a lack of depth in the training of professionals

Exams are the main tools that health professionals have to make a diagnosis. However, due to the large number of consultations, physicians may miss out on relevant information when consulting patients’ clinical data. It was based on this premise that nutritionist Karla Lacerda and physician Gabriel de Carvalho founded CalcLab, a platform that facilitates the interpretation of laboratory tests.

Lacerda says that since college he had already noticed a lack of depth on laboratory tests in the course’s curriculum. “Because of this deficiency, I started looking for information on my own. At this time, I met Professor Gabriel de Carvalho, who was an expert in interpreting exams,” he says.

Already graduated and working in an office, she experienced in practice the lack of time to interpret the exams. “This bothered me, as I saw that many professionals did not have the time to look at the data in depth. It took me a year to come up with an idea. That’s when I got in touch with Professor Gabriel and suggested that we create a platform to make life easier for these professionals,” says Lacerda. To develop the software, the nutritionist sold two properties and invested all the value in the startup. During development, Anderson Ribeiro and Gabriel Borges joined the team of partners at healhtech.

In the SaaS platform, the professional attaches the exam in pdf, selects the laboratory and the person’s characteristics, later he receives insights and intelligent alerts based on scientific studies about the patient’s clinical condition. Processing time is 20 seconds. “The technology was all made in-house, being compatible with more than 800 national and international laboratories. CalcLab reads several exams at the same time, interrelating all the information, making calculations and applying ideal values, not just using the reference ones”, says Borges, CalcLab’s COO.

The tests that the platform processes are blood, urine and saliva. The subscription price ranges from BRL 69 to BRL 503, depending on the duration of the plan. “The closing of the diagnosis is done by the professional. So, he can look at the parameters of the laboratory and studies, but he will also have to look at symptoms. It is important to say that the platform does not offer the diagnosis, it suggests”, says Carvalho.

Regarding patient data, Borges says that no exam is stored in the cloud on the platform. “This limits us a bit, as we have already developed a module for monitoring the patient’s status, but, given our size, we think it is more prudent to avoid the burden and responsibility of storing this data.”

The business model is B2B, focused on healthcare professionals. Currently, there are more than 4 thousand active users on the platform and more than 100 subscribers. “All health professionals, in general, are concerned with understanding and interpreting exams, not just doctors and nutritionists. In my courses, I see that nurses want to learn, pharmacists, dentists and biomedical doctors”, explains doctor Carvalho. In 2021, healthtech’s revenue was BRL 320,000. This year, the expectation is to reach R$ 1.2 million.

In addition, the startup has an open round and intends to raise R$ 7 million to accelerate the business. With the capture, it is on the radar to expand the number of employees and the channels for disseminating the solution, increasing the subscriber base.

Source: PEGN Magazine

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