Elas Lideram Movement highlights “decade of action” to achieve gender equity in companies

Elas Lideram Movement highlights “decade of action” to achieve gender equity in companies

In order to transform the Brazilian business sector, the Movement They Lead 2030developed by UN Global Compact Brazil in partnership with the UN Women, showed what it takes to get 30% of women into leadership roles by 2025: action. During the first workshop of the journey, this Tuesday (31), in São Paulo, the conversations highlighted how important it is to unite the theory on diversity agendas with actions that result not only in positive numbers, but in effective changes in the organizational culture. .

With a focus on Gender Equality, the Movement intends to place more than 11,000 women in senior leadership positions by 2030, in addition to reducing the pay gap between men and women and the turnover of women after maternity leave.

Tayná Leite (UN Global Compact Brazil) and Flávia Muniz (UN Women) highlighted the importance of understanding the history of women’s struggle over the years. According to them, looking at the past helps to understand the evolutions already achieved and why this is considered the “decade of action” to put the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda in progress.

For Margareth Goldemberg, from Movimento Mulher 360, achieving these goals can be more difficult within small and medium-sized Brazilian companies, which still see equity as a “mimimi”, and not as a central theme to be developed.

more than numbers

Although the female hiring scenario has advanced in recent years, leadership positions are still mostly held by men. Head of Sustainability at the Soma/Animale Group, Taciana Abreu says that the company is 70% women, but the Board is still a challenge (with 5 men and 2 women).

The recent Trends in People Management 2022 report, carried out by the Great Place to Work, pointed out that, after growing concern about the topic, in 2022 the subject registered a retraction in the list of companies’ priorities.

The drop in concern about diversity is a reflection of the lack of a good alignment between theory and action, as proposed by the Elas Lideram Movement. Goldemberg emphasizes that “inclusion is not just about opening vacancies” and, therefore, the Movement focuses on helping women to obtain positions in which they can participate with an active voice in decision-making.

As Luciana Ceccato, Uber’s Marketing Director, points out, in addition to the need to create measurable goals for the subject, it is necessary to treat the topic as the business guidelines themselves. “At Uber, we deliver inclusion results at the same time and to the same people we show the business results to,” she says.

To avoid a setback in the advancement of women in the corporate universe, Goldemberg takes a step by step for companies:

– Maintain engagement (not seeing hires already made as “enough”);
– Understand the intersectionality of the themes (gender, race, age, PWDs…);
– Transparency in the definition of goals and achieved results;
– And, finally, maintain persistence and resilience so that the topic is always on the agenda.

The theme of this first workshop was “Human Rights and Gender Equality in Business”. The next meeting of the movement is scheduled for June 21, with the theme “Women: intersections and crossings in women’s experiences in the labor market”.

Source: Época Negócios

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