Einstein declares funding of BRL 1.2 billion in a brand new most cancers hospital in SP

Einstein declares funding of BRL 1.2 billion in a brand new most cancers hospital in SP

The space will unite research and assistance and should increase by 40% the number of visits to cancer patients carried out by the institution

O Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein announced this Tuesday, 6, investment of BRL 1.2 billion in the opening of a new unit in the south zone of São Paulo dedicated exclusively to oncology care.

The real estate developer Benx, Einstein’s partner in the project, will invest R$ 800 million in the construction of the building for the new establishment, already with the lease guarantee for the hospital for at least 20 years. The remaining BRL 400 million will be invested directly by Einstein to equip the establishment.

The space will unite research and assistance and should increase by 40% the number of visits to cancer patients carried out by the institution. The works are expected to start in April 2023, with opening scheduled for 2025.

“Today, Einstein performs 25,000 consultations per year in the (private) units of São Paulo (Morumbi and Perdizes) and Goiânia and at the Vila Santa Catarina Municipal Hospital (which the institution manages in partnership with the City of São Paulo). This new center will allow for an increase of 10,000 consultations per year”, says Sidney Klajnerpresident of Einstein.

According to Klajner, the increase in cases of cancer in Brazil and the development of advanced therapies against tumors justify the institution’s investment in a new center.

“We are aware of the increase in the incidence of new cases of cancer, largely due to lifestyle and increased longevity, so we see an opportunity and a need to expand the capacity to care for oncological diseases so that a center academic and research activities contribute to new treatment, prevention and early detection modalities”, he highlighted.

According to the president of the Einstein, the new center will bet on genomic and precision medicine to offer personalized treatment and also to anticipate the disease, by using genetic tests to assess the increased risk of developing tumors.

Einstein has been expanding its action against cancer since 2013, when it inaugurated its Oncology and Hematology Center at the Morumbi unit and expanded its exchange with international institutions that are references in the specialty, such as MD AndersonCity of Hope and John Hopkins, all in the United States.

“Today we already have cutting-edge therapies, but we are going to concentrate this in a unique environment, focusing on how research can contribute to further develop the personalized medicine part. And this is also being done in partnership with City of Hope, through which we see an opportunity for this development to happen even faster”, he says.

With the new center, Einstein seeks to be among the ten best cancer hospitals in the world by 2030. In the ranking made annually by American magazine Newsweekthe institution ranks 16th, best ranking among hospitals in Latin America.

The new center will occupy an area of ​​38,000 square meters, will have 160 beds, 20 in the ICU and another 20 in the semi-intensive care unit, 10 operating rooms, including two for robotic surgery, in addition to 36 chemotherapy rooms and 15 laboratory stations.

It will also have equipment for carrying out tests such as PET-CT and linear accelerators – devices used to perform radiotherapy. The new oncology center will also have an emergency room for cancer patients with a capacity for 12,000 consultations per year. With the opening of the new center, the number of Einstein professionals working in oncology will rise from 650 to 2,500.

New hospital will be installed in planned neighborhood

The new Einstein unit will be installed in Parque Global, an upscale planned neighborhood in Real Parque, next to Marginal Pinheiros, which will have residential towers, a shopping center and an innovation, health and education complex, where the new hospital will be located. located. The project is led by Grupo Bueno Netto, owner of Benx.

“Within the development of this product, we looked for a space that had all the activities and we thought it would be important to have a hospital to have this centrality”, says Adalberto Bueno Netto, president of the Bueno Netto Group. The project will also have an office building.

The BRL 800 million invested by the developer include contributions from investment funds and will follow a model known in the real estate market as built-to-suit (BTS), when the developer builds a building according to the tenant’s needs, with the counterpart of which will have secured the rent for a predetermined period – in the case of the Einstein, it is 20 years, renewable for another 20.

“We pay for all the land, projects, CEPACs, and Einstein does all the stuffing for the facilities. We are building this hospital based on a project that is totally guided by them and dedicated to them – they were the ones who did the conceptualization and the internal division”, clarifies Bueno Netto.

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