Digital influencers say: high quality data is crucial to innovate and undertake

Digital influencers say: high quality data is crucial to innovate and undertake

Always learn, study and improve – all the time, in addition to valuing the quality of information. These are the fundamental precepts for the success of an enterprise linked to technology and operated by young people, in the view of digital influencers. Giovanna Chaves and Gustavo Ferrarezi, two of the most cult and well articulated influencers today, answered questions from students at Campus Party about their careers and how they used entrepreneurship tools to get millions of admirers and followers.

Giovanna is a digital influencer with almost 12 million followers on social media. In addition, she is an actress, singer, writer and voice actress – she was one of the stars of the soap opera “Cúmplices de um Resgate”, from SBT, and made some feature films. At 20 years old, she has a very well-founded notion of the importance of her work as an influencer and how she can help in the dissemination of information and basic concepts of entrepreneurship to young people.

In a lecture at Sebrae’s Challenge Liga Jovem space, at Campus Party, she commented on aspects of her career from the point of view of entrepreneurship, with words that have everything to do with the challenge. “I have a structured career, but I had a lot of help from my parents and people who mentored me,” she said. “Being an entrepreneur is learning all the time and every day. It is not enough just to improve, it is necessary to innovate. It is not enough to reach x millions of followers, it is necessary to fight to keep them.”

Giovanna insists that the appreciation of quality information is essential so that there is a solid basis to move forward and improve interaction with fans. “Entrepreneurship is knowing as much as possible about your business and its possibilities. Learning and getting informed right is essential to maintain a career, to change focus and interests, to innovate and to grow”, she reinforces.

Gustavo Ferrarezi, from the Labz channel, another internet heavyweight, followed the same line of reasoning and praised the Young League Challenge and its goal of expanding the inclusion of boys and girls in the digital and entrepreneurship environment.
“Searching for information is essential to be successful,” he explained. “Quality information forms the basis for credibility and for people to believe in what you disclose, explain and give your opinion. And I realize that this Sebrae initiative is within the concept of training young people to innovate and undertake/surprise”, adds the influencer.

Ferrarezi started on YouTube in 2015 and currently has about 2 million followers on channels related to technological matters and its main characteristic is the didactic way of explaining the construction and operation of equipment and games. “Entrepreneurship means innovating, but also taking risks. I started my YouTube channel as a salesperson at a computer store and took the opportunity to create content”, recalls Ferrarezi. “In the beginning it was all very artisanal and amateurish, but it grew so much that I looked for information to qualify the product and make the channel cooler. This is entrepreneurship.”

Youth League Challenge

The Youth League Challenge is a free and open Sebrae initiative for students from public or private schools. Applications close on the 25th of November.

The objective is to mobilize young people from all over the country to develop business ideas that can solve real problems in their school or community, using innovation tools or technology. The highlights of the project will compete for an international educational trip.

Learn more here.

Source: Agência Sebrae

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