Dialogue with small companies is important to construct progress options for the nation

Dialogue with small companies is important to construct progress options for the nation

Small business is a key part of Brazil’s economic and social development. According to data from the Revenue, the country registered a record of new small businesses in 2021 – more than 3.9 million entrepreneurs. It is also in this sector that the largest volume of job vacancies in the country has been generated: micro and small companies accounted for seven out of ten formal jobs created in July, according to a Sebrae survey. Therefore, the maximum effectiveness of public policies aimed at this segment is necessary. In this sense, it is recommended that the federal government approach the sector and establish a broad dialogue about its needs, identifying the issues to be prioritized.

The Permanent Forum for Micro and Small Enterprises, coordinated by the Special Secretariat for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy, is today one of the main arenas of discussion and aims to forward to the secretariat proposals that aim to guarantee favored and differentiated treatment for micro and small companies, especially regarding:

  • The creation and alteration of laws, regulations, procedures, information systems, portals and communication channels of the direct and indirect public administration of the Union, the states, the Federal District and the municipalities;
  • The adjustments and improvements of actions and projects, governmental and non-governmental, to harmonize and enhance results;
  • The articulation and integration between institutions, federal government agencies and support entities and national representation that act directly in the segment of micro and small companies; and
  • The implementation and development of regional forums for micro and small companies in the federation units and their integration with the Permanent Forum.

Sebrae in the Elections

At a time when the spotlight of the media and the eyes of Brazilian voters are focused on the public policy proposals made by the candidates, at the state and federal levels, Sebrae launched the campaign “Who supports small businesses, supports Brazil” aimed at to emphasize to the population the importance of micro and small enterprises for the country’s economy and society. At the same time, the institution produced a document that brings together a set of proposals for 10 topics considered more strategic for MSEs, including the need to strengthen dialogue with micro and small companies.

Check below some of Sebrae’s proposals for the presidential candidates on this priority agenda for small businesses.

  • Permanent Forum of Micro and Small Enterprises – Strengthen the Permanent Forum of Micro and Small Enterprises as the main means of communication with the sector, discussing the needs and possibilities of policies for small businesses.
  • Relationship with the sector – Listen to entities representing small businesses to establish relevant public policies for the segment.
  • government program – Include public policies for the development of small businesses in the government program.
  • budget resources – Provide resources in the Annual Budget Law (LOA) for the development program and public policies aimed at small businesses, such as resources for directed credit – like Pronampe; for the development of technological tools that seek to simplify and reduce bureaucracy – such as Nota Fiscal Fácil; and for training and partnerships in favor of entrepreneurship.

Click here to see the complete document with Sebrae’s proposals for the 2022 Elections agenda.

About Sebrae 50+50

In 2022, Sebrae celebrates 50 years of existence, with activities around the theme “Creating the future is making history”. Called the Sebrae 50+50 Project, the initiative emphasizes the institution’s three pillars of action: promoting an entrepreneurial culture, improving business management and developing a healthy and innovative business environment for small businesses in Brazil. Past, present and future are in focus, showing the evolution from the foundation in 1972 to the present day, with a look also at the new challenges that will come for entrepreneurship in the country.

Source: Agência Sebrae

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