Datafolha: Assist Brazil of R$ 600 is inadequate for 56% of beneficiaries

Datafolha: Assist Brazil of R$ 600 is inadequate for 56% of beneficiaries

Survey shows that 61% evaluate benefits package as primarily electoral

One of the main bets of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to grow in electoral polls, the temporary Brazil Aid of R$ 600 is seen as insufficient by most of the population.

This is what a new survey by Datafolha, contracted by Sheet and who heard 2,556 people in 183 cities in person on Wednesday (27) and Thursday (28). The margin of error is plus or minus two points.

The package of measures contained in the PEC of social benefits, which includes assistance for truck drivers and taxi drivers and expansion of the value of the gas voucher, is also perceived as an electoral campaign by most of the interviewees.

According to Datafolha, 56% of voters say that the maximum amount of R$600 for aid is insufficient, 36% classify it as sufficient and 7% assess the amount as more than sufficient.

Among those who receive the benefit, 54% consider the amount insufficient, 38% consider it sufficient and 8% say it is more than sufficient.

In the May survey, in which they were asked about the payment of R$ 400, a value that will be temporarily increased from August to December, 69% of beneficiaries said that the benefit was insufficient, 29% classified it as sufficient and 2% as more than that enough.

According to the survey, 25% of respondents receive or live with a beneficiary of the program that replaced Bolsa Família. In May, it was 21%. Among the beneficiaries (direct or indirect), 63% are women.

electoral motivation

Asked why the government is offering the benefits package scheduled to end at the end of the year, 61% of voters said the main objective is to win votes for President Bolsonaro.

Another 31% say that the government mainly wants to help people who are in need, while 6% see the two motivations together and 2% have no opinion.

There is no significant difference in this regard between the opinion of those who are beneficiaries (59% consider that the motivation is mainly electoral and 32% emphasize the objective of helping the poor) and voters who do not receive the aid (61% and 31%, respectively). ).

Among those who approve of the government, 20% see the package as primarily an electoral objective, and 68% emphasize the intention to help people. For those who disapprove of the current management, the percentages are 87% and 9%, respectively. The perception of the electoral objective is also higher among voters aged between 16 and 24 (69%).

Even with the flurry of announcements of economic benefits, such as the increase in Auxílio Brasil and, mainly, the pressure for the drop in fuel prices, Bolsonaro remains in second place in the survey, practically in the same position as in the previous survey.

Another government bet is consigned credit for aid recipients. report of Sheet showed that the modality has not yet been released by the federal government, but there is already an offer of loans, with interest of almost 80% per year.

The research is registered with the TSE under the number BR-01192/2022.

The Auxílio Brasil of R$600, the Auxílio Gás that can reach around R$120 and the Auxílio Caminhoneiro are the first to be released by the government, as of August 9. Taxi Assistance is scheduled to be paid on the 16th.

All benefits will be paid temporarily until December, according to constitutional amendment 123, which determined a state of emergency in the country to circumvent electoral legislation and justify spending. In all, about 22 million citizens are expected to receive the benefits.

Source: Leaf

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