Curing the hangover of Brazilians on the finish of the yr, Novvo expects to earn BRL 200,000 in December

Curing the hangover of Brazilians on the finish of the yr, Novvo expects to earn BRL 200,000 in December

The – long awaited – World Cup has begun. With real chances of the Brazilian team becoming six-time world champion, the football matches of this competition, in particular, have been eagerly awaited throughout the country for some time.

And it’s not just this big event that stirs up the last weeks of the year. Christmas, New Year and a series of events taking place in person again, after years of the pandemic, have made these last months of 2022 the busiest in recent years. And where there’s entertainment, there’s drinking: according to the Health and Alcohol Information Center (CISA), more than 26% of the Brazilian population consumes alcohol one or more times a week.

To help Brazilians cure hangovers after a busy night, the startup Novvo has developed a supplement that has nutrients with multiple functionalities to alleviate the symptoms of malaise the day after the celebrations.

It all started after a long and hectic happy hour. Felipe Rebelatto, CEO and founder of Novvo, who at the time was a consultant, woke up the next day with an incredible feeling of well-being in place of the expected and well-known headaches and indisposition. ”I didn’t understand what I had done differently to have woken up well that day. I was sure I was going to have a non-productive day, but no. So, I listed everything I ate and drank the day and night before: proteins, drinks, water, performance supplements and decided to repeat that ‘ritual’ on other occasions and, again, I woke up again”, explains Felipe.

Felipe gathered all the information and began to study the causes and symptoms of a hangover. He attended seminars and lectures to try to understand the physiological process, hired scientists, until he finally discovered that a natural ingredient was responsible for the well-being he felt.

Because it is a natural ingredient and without contraindications, the studies carried out did not indicate risks and he began to offer and test the formula with friends and family. After the surprising validation of 82% of people who tried the product and gave it a positive feedback, the MVP was validated. From there, the entrepreneur went deep into the project together with North American laboratories and scientists specializing in biomaterials, toxicology and genetics to better understand the physiology and improve the characteristics of the product.

”In 2016, I prepared and registered the patent, as there was nothing like it in the world. In 2019, Anvisa gave its consent and we started the launch process. When I learned that the beneficial effects of the product were being felt by all, I started independent testing processes and came to the conclusion that I needed to bring the product to market to give people the freedom to celebrate and enjoy life without having to worry about the obligations of the next day or with the unwanted effects of alcohol on the body”, he says.

As a launch strategy, the founder called entrepreneur Rodrigo Hidaka and Thiago Pereira, former swimmer and Olympic medalist at the Pan American Games, who later joined the company. Together, they bet on two major events that take place annually in Brazil: the Sapucaí Carnival and the Vogue Ball, both in Rio de Janeiro. ”After two years of not partying, many people have energy to spare. Both events represented an important start for the brand. We distribute thousands of packs with the Novvo supplement at events. Many celebrated the seven days of revelry and the parade of the champion samba schools without the famous hangover”, comments Rodrigo, CFO of the startup.

business growth

According to the CEO, the plan is to acquire more maturity in internal business processes, such as e-commerce sales and invest in external expansion, making Novvo available at physical points of sale, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and bars. “In addition to the website and social networks, we will soon be available on major marketplaces and apps such as Rappi, Pede Pronto, Daki and iFood, in addition to entering bars, festivals, concerts and major events in the capitals”, he highlights.

This year-end, the company plans to leverage sales by 350% and reach R$ 200,000 in revenues in December. According to Novvo’s CSO, Thiago Pereira: “Our main differential is our own molecular technology, which increases the absorption capacity of aldehydes, enabling the neutralization of acetaldehyde, the main toxin that causes hangover symptoms. In addition to helping absorb aldehydes, Novvo also has other substances in its composition that help with anti-oxidation and body protection against free radicals. These are specific technical characteristics, patented and exclusively supplied, which make Novvo unique in the world”.

A hangover is a complex reaction of the human body to alcohol toxins. Entrepreneurs emphasize that alcohol consumption interacts in different ways in each body and that is why there are different suggestions and treatments.

So enjoy the parties, enjoy the events, but drink in moderation. If you are going to ingest Novvo, it is recommended that you take three capsules before drinking and, if the party lasts all night, after 7 hours you can reinforce the dose.

Source: Startupi

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