Credit score packages present as much as R$72 billion in loans for micro and small companies

Credit score packages present as much as R$72 billion in loans for micro and small companies

Individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI) and Micro-enterprises across the country will now also be served by the Emergency Credit Access Program (PEAC), of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), with guarantees from the Investment Guarantee Fund (FGI) . The initiative, effective as of this week, is part of a task force promoted by the federal government to grant credit to micro and small businesses. The expectation is that up to R$ 22 billion will be released by 2024.

Under the PEAC, banks must limit the average interest rate on their portfolios to 1.75% per month (or 23.14% per year); with the prospect of making R$ 22 billion viable in 16 months, with loans between R$ 1 thousand and R$ 10 million and payment terms of up to 60 months, with a grace period between 6 and 12 months. So far, 40 financial institutions have joined the program.

In addition to the PEAC, the National Support Program for Micro and Small Businesses (Pronampe), whose new phase began in July, is expected to grant up to R$ 50 billion, guaranteed by the Operations Guarantee Fund (FGO), managed by Banco do Brasil. Adding up the resources of the programs, there are R$ 72 billion available. Through Pronampe alone, which also serves the MEI, more than R$ 19.6 billion have already been granted by the Banks that have agreements with the FGO. Loans at Pronampe are limited to 30% of the company’s revenue or R$ 150,000.00.

Access to credit is one of the main pains for Brazilian micro and small business owners. According to the latest survey carried out by Sebrae on the Impact of the Coronavirus, 50% of Brazilian entrepreneurs are seeking loans.

Whether to use as working capital, to pay personnel, to purchase inputs and equipment or to make new investments in the company, the loans granted by the programs will benefit thousands of businesses.

The president of Sebrae, Carlos Melles, observes that the generation of employment and income by micro and small companies has contributed substantially to the improvement in economic indices. “Of every ten jobs created in the country in the first half of this year, seven are for small businesses. Helping micro and small companies is synonymous with helping the country to grow.

How to access:

  • Access to the PEAC-FGI 2022 is through the operating financial institutions. Check the institutions and other information about the Program on the BNDES Portal.
  • To access Pronampe resources, the entrepreneur must authorize via the e-CAC portal the sharing of the company’s billing information with the financial institutions operating the Program.
  • Learn more about Pronampe.

conscious decision

To help small business owners consciously seek credit and manage these resources well, Sebrae offers a series of exclusive digital solutions over the internet. The new page “Oriented and Assisted Credit” brings online loan simulators for those interested in seeking financing, content on financial management and also provides a link to schedule a virtual consultation with specialists, among other facilities. The services are completely free and available at

Source: Agência Sebrae

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