Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR: One other Take a look at Romantic Journeys

Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR: One other Take a look at Romantic Journeys

The show runs in the capital of São Paulo until the end of November, then goes to Rio de Janeiro.

After more than three years without performances, the renowned Cirque du Soleil returns to the capital of São Paulo for another creative show, full of juggling, music and intense costumes.

bazaar, on display in the city of São Paulo, at Villa Lobos park, it runs until November 27th. Afterwards, it goes to Rio de Janeiro, from December 8 to 31, at the Riocentro parking lot.

With a younger and more diverse feel, the circus performers put on a true show that mixes staging, joy, creativity, an explosion of colors and feelings in the audience – all this with a Maestro who, despite being Australian, speaks in Portuguese with the audience throughout the show.

The show BAZZAR, whose official sponsor in Brazil is the bank Bradesco, debuted in 2018 and now returns to São Paulo after the covid-19 pandemic.

A different (and unique) view of love

The story behind BAZZAR involves a Maestro, his disciple, and a youthful love between the then-mini Maestro and the Floating Woman. The entire show is conducted with live music – which is so much part of the show that even the audience composes it, at a given moment – ​​and brings a series of juggling, dances and limits of the human body in an incredible circus structure.

From the beginning of the show, the Mini Maestro strives to conquer the floating woman. The other circus performers also present fantastic performances in pairs or solos in search of that love, which involves trust, joy, yearnings and, at times, even frustration.

Each of the acts – there are six in total – explores a mix of juggling, contortionism, music and dance with the couple’s story and, therefore, a perspective on this romance. Through the interpretation of the circus performers, it is possible to see love through the hula hoop, the cooperation between the contortionists, the “flame” that appears with the presentation of juggling with fire and so on.

– (Cirque du Soleil | Bradesco/Disclosure)

Creativity, joy and public contagion

BAZZAR’s vision for this romantic episode, however, it has a very happy “what” about it. Far from more dramatic episodes, the acts involve the smile on the face of all circus performers, the beautiful side of being in love and, also, the trust involved in the entire partnership process.

In a mixture of show with music, enchantment, relationship with the public and a somewhat creative energy, Cirque du Soleil captivates adults and children with BAZZAR. Tickets range from R$280 to R$1,200, and can be purchased at

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