BTS Release Album ‘Proof’ And MV For ‘Yet To Come’: ‘Our Journey Of The Last 9 Years’

BTS Release Album ‘Proof’ And MV For ‘Yet To Come’: ‘Our Journey Of The Last 9 Years’

The physical version of the album contains three CDs, with three new songs and re-readings of their greatest hits, including solos by RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook — totaling 48 tracks.

The long-awaited comeback of BTS came this Friday, the 10th, through the release of the anthological album “Proof”, which rewrites its history — as a gift to ARMYs, as their fans are called. The group has celebrated its nine years in activity this month, since June 13, 2013.

The physical version of the album contains three CDs, with three new songs and re-readings of their greatest hits, including solos by RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook — for a total of 48 tracks. The title track of “Proof” — “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” — won an MV, released at 1 am. The other new tracks are “Run BTS” and “For Youth”.

In less than half an hour after the launch, ARMY hashtags reached the top three positions of the topics of the moment on Twitter Brazil:

#YetToCome: 1.57 million mentions

#BTS_Proof: 1.69 million

#BTSCOMEBACK2022: 149 thousand

Other expressions, names of songs or of the members, that entered the subjects of the moment before 1:30h were: Namjoon, Run BTS, For Youth, Spring Day, Born Singer, INVASION BARMY, THE REFERENCES, BANGTAN, THE BUS, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COMEBACK OF LIFE, and Just One Day.

With that, of the 29 topics of the moment on Twitter Brazil, 14 were terms related to BTS’ comeback.

Check out more details about ‘Proof’

The song list of each CD in the album:

‘Yet To Come’

The title track of “Proof” is an alternative mid-tempo hip-hop genre featured on the first CD. “It’s a song that recalls BTS’ musical journey and promises a brighter future,” according to label, Big Hit Music. “The gentle melody harmonizes with the hopeful message of ‘You and me, the best time is yet to come’”.

‘Run BTS’

The second CD features “Run BTS”, an up-tempo hip-hop song that contains the “free spirit of BTS at the beginning of their debut, but with a unique spirit”.

‘For Youth’

Dedicated to the armys, the song “For Youth” marks the end of the third CD of the album “Proof”. It samples ‘EPILOGUE: Young Forever’, a b-side song from the 2016 album ‘The Most Beautiful Life in Love Young Forever’, and begins with the screams of fans at BTS’ live performance. It is also noteworthy that this is the only track of the third CD available on digital platforms. The others are only available on physical media.

TV shows

BTS will be performing “Yet To Come” for the first time on television on the official YouTube channel BANGTANTV on the 13th, through Mnet’s M Countdown show on the 16th. on SBS’s Inkigayo.

In Brazil, the album is sold by Universal Music, according to which the compact version of the album is already sold out.

This is the first release of the septet since July 2021, through the CD of “Butter”, with the homonymous song and the hit “Permission to dance”.

Check out what each member of BTS had to say, through a statement from Big Hit Music sent to GLOBO:

“I always get nervous when we release a new song for the first time. I hope many people like it. ‘Proof’ is a special album that closes chapter 1 of BTS’ history as we face the ninth anniversary of our debut. As the focus of the album is our message to our fans who have been with us for the past nine years, we pay more attention to our lyrics,” says RM.

“As ‘Proof’ is an album that captures the history of BTS, it continues to bring to mind different memories from the past nine years. I myself will listen to it often. As there are new songs and unreleased songs on the album, fans will be able to enjoy it too,” says Jin.

“As an album that brings the history of BTS, we paid close attention to how the songs were organized on the album. If you listen to the album from the first track, there will be some fun in listening to it. [em ordem]. It’s an honor to be able to capture our journey over the last nine years on this new album ‘Proof’. I hope that those who listen to the album will walk together and follow in our footsteps once again,” says Suga.

“Because it’s our first time releasing an album in a long time, I’m excited and very happy. I want to enjoy [o álbum] together with our fans as soon as possible. ‘Proof’ is an album that summarizes the biography of BTS and [nossos fãs] ARMY, and it’s even more special because our memories and time together are preserved in it. Given that [o álbum] contains the soul of BTS, I hope you give it lots of love,” says J-Hope.

“Because it’s our first new album in a long time, I feel happy and weird at the same time. It’s a particularly special album because it contains our previous title tracks as well as previously unreleased music. I felt it was even more special because [trabalhar no álbum] allowed me to examine the other members’ emotions as well as mine and why we were able to talk about them together,” says Jimin.

“As it is an album that captures our journey over the past nine years, I sincerely hope it becomes a precious gift to the fans who have always rooted for us and made history for us,” says V.

“It feels like we are writing a very thick book and now we are finishing it. As we have always done with our albums up until now, we paid attention to every aspect while working on it. It’s an album that does a good job of conveying BTS’ history so far, as well as our current feelings,” says Jungkook.

Source: O Globo Agency

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