BTG’s relationship with Stone

BTG’s relationship with Stone

Devaluation of the acquirer on the stock exchange attracts interested in M&A

In the hubbub that ran through Faria Lima this Friday, BTG Pactual would be about to close the acquisition of acquirer Stone. It’s not quite like that, but it has a little bit of truth in putting the two characters in the same story.

The bank is evaluating the acquirer’s deal, considering that the André Street company’s brutal repricing over the last year could be an M&A opportunity, two sources said. But the transaction is not close to closing, they assured.

Wanted, BTG did not comment. Stone does not respond until the publication of this note.

The acquirer is one among other assets in BTG’s sights, and the evolution of the business is still uncertain.

It is not the first time that Stone has been on the radar of a financial institution. In March last year, the company came to negotiate with XP Investimentos, but the business did not prosper. He then strengthened relations with Inter, and the two companies had already signed an NDA – but the collapse of both papers made the transaction unfeasible.

Stone lost market value, affected by the technology scenario and by its own strategies, with credit losses.

For BTG, which recently entered retail banking and has grown in credit to small and medium-sized companies, the acquirer could complement its service offering.

Source: Value Pipeline

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