Brazilian Bloom Care is among the many most promising healthtechs on the earth

Brazilian Bloom Care is among the many most promising healthtechs on the earth

Antonia Teixeira, Roberta Sotomaior and Bianca Cassarino, co-founders of healthtech Bloom Care

Between the 150 most promising healthtechs in the world, according to the analysis platform list CB Insights announced today (7), is Bloom Carestartup founded by three brazilians with focus in women’s and family health🇧🇷 “The fintech market took a service and built the best experience, and we are doing this with the women’s health journey”, says Roberta Sotomaior, CEO of Bloom Care🇧🇷

The co-founders, Roberta, Antonia Brandão Teixeira and Bianca Cassarino, celebrate success, but already projected that it would come while they worked for it. “We always thought about being very big, always accompanied by data and without unbridled growth simply aiming at profit.”

This is the fourth Digital Health 150 annual, which annually brings together the main private companies that are using technology and innovation to transform health. “What we are doing is not a renovation, we are not simply painting a wall. Innovation is a rebuilding of the healthcare system.”

Only two other Brazilian healthtechs make the list: Samistartup of health plans for small companies and individual microentrepreneurs, and the vision benefits platform XP Health🇧🇷

CB Insights evaluated more than 13,000 companies using criteria such as research and development, market potential, customers, investor profile and technological innovation. “This increasingly global group, representing more than 18 countries across five continents, is not only driving better patient outcomes, but making healthcare more accessible,” says Brian Lee, senior vice president of the Intelligence Unit at CB Insights.

Bloom Care History

Founded in 2018, Bloom was born as a health education platform. Today, it is an application that has 20 B2B clients – companies such as Sanofi, Grupo Astra, Olist and Memed –, which represent more than 30,000 people served on the platform.

Through Bloom Care as corporate benefitemployees of these companies have access to health and well-being content, chat with professionals, telemedicine consultations and follow-up to deal with topics such as family planning, fertility, pregnancy and mental health.

Bloom has health trails for women, which Roberta explains goes far beyond gynecological health. “It’s health from a female perspective for women,” says the CEO. But healthtech also has services for men. “They register on the platform when they are in the family planning or parenting stages.”

“Sometimes the term ‘femtech’ [startup que foca em soluções para as mulheres] brings a niche idea. It is very important to be on this list as a healthtech, it shows that it is something much bigger”, says Roberta. For her, developing services focused on half the population – or even more than that – should not be seen as a niche market. And this has already been proven in other countries.

Last year, femtech mavena digital fertility clinic, was the first to achieve unicorn status In the USA. Market research firm Arizton Advisory & Intelligence estimates that the global femtech market is expected to reach $75.7 billion by 2026.

But challenges still exist. “It’s very challenging to sell women’s health to men, most investors.”

Bloom Care went through a BRL 3 million pre-seed round at the end of last year, and now starts another round of investment. “This global recognition now brings a lot of certainty that we are on the right path.”

Source: Forbes

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