Brazil advances within the World Innovation Index, however investments within the space have fallen, says CNI

Brazil advances within the World Innovation Index, however investments within the space have fallen, says CNI

Country occupies the 54th position in the ranking with 132 countries; Switzerland leads the list.

Brazil advanced three positions in relation to 2021 and started to occupy the 54th place in the Global Innovation Index (IGI) this year, according to data from the World Intellectual Property Organization released this Thursday (29).

The National Confederation of Industry (CNI), one of the entities responsible for producing and disseminating the index, considered, however, that the improved ranking does not mean that the country is doing well on the innovation agenda.

According to the CNI, investments in the area have fallen every year, and the Brazilian position is still seven houses below the best mark reached in 2011, when it ranked 47th.

The leader of this year’s edition of the ranking is Switzerlandfollowed by the United States, Sweden and the United Kingdom. (See the end of this article for top ten countries.)

The IGI is calculated from the average of two subscripts. The first is that of innovation inputswhich assesses the elements of the economy that enable and facilitate the development of innovative activities, grouped into five pillars:

  • institutions;
  • human capital and research;
  • infrastructure;
  • market sophistication;
  • business sophistication.

The second sub-index is that of innovation productswhich captures the effective result of innovative activities within the economy and is divided into two pillars:

  • knowledge and technology products;
  • creative products.

In the CNI’s assessment, although Brazil has fallen in the ranking of innovation inputs (from 56th in 2021 to 58th in 2022), the country rose six positions in the ranking of innovation results (from 59th to 53rd).

“This means that, in relation to investments in innovation, Brazil has gotten worse. However, it is as if the agents of the Brazilian ecosystem had done more with less and obtained better results in innovation, despite the drop in inputs/investment”, compares the Director of Innovation at CNI, Gianna Sagazio.

For Sagazio, this improvement shows that, despite the structural difficulties of the innovation ecosystem in Brazil, companies have done better than expected.

“This attests to the capabilities of Brazilian companies. If there were permanent investments in innovation, which is not the case, Brazil could be a power in innovation”, he warns.

Latin America

The numbers released this Thursday show that Brazil ranks 2nd in the Global Innovation Index among Latin American countries. The 1st place goes to Chile, which is 50th in the general ranking.

Brazil has advanced in the regional cut compared to 2021. In this year’s edition, the country surpassed Mexico, now in the 58th position of the general ranking, and Costa Rica, which occupies the 68th.

The co-editor of the index and director of the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, Soumitra Dutta, says that Brazil, Peru and Jamaica performed better than expected for their level of economic development.

“In relative terms, regional leaders, such as Chile and Brazil, in Latin America, and South Africa and Botswana, in Sub-Saharan Africa, showed improvements in their innovation performance”, he points out.

Check out the top ten countries on the Global Innovation Index:

1 – Switzerland
2 – United States
3 – Sweden
4 – United Kingdom
5 – Holland
6 – South Korea
7 – Singapore
8 – Germany
9 – Finland
10 – Denmark
54 – Brazil

Brazil’s position in relation to Latin American countries:

50 – Chile
54 – Brazil
58 – Mexico
63 – Colombia
64 – Uruguay
65 – Peru
68 – Costa Rica

Source: G1

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