Boticário integrates virtually 100% of its shops into e-commerce and now has a 1-day withdrawal throughout the nation

Boticário integrates virtually 100% of its shops into e-commerce and now has a 1-day withdrawal throughout the nation

Integration allows you to buy on the internet and pick up the product in the store within 24 hours with no shipping fee; modality is available in all regions of the country

With almost 4 thousand stores spread across the country, The boticario achieved quite a feat: practically all of its units are now able to operate in the click and withdrawin which the client buy online and pick up the product in store. The advance means a major change for consumers in more distant regions, such as the North of the country. The option allows the customer pick up the product within one business day – against a delivery period that can be from eight to more than 15 days in more extreme cases. “These are regions that had expensive long-term shipping, and we are now able to have free shipping and fast pickup,” says Lívia Masiero, e-commerce director at Grupo Boticário.

To allow the removal of 95% of its units, it was necessary to invest in an intelligent integration and stock reading, in addition to training salespeople at all units — a project that began in 2017 and involved stores in around 1,500 Brazilian cities. To reach the goal of having its entire network connected, O Boticário made an extra effort in recent months – the number of points of sale operating in the click-and-take format has practically doubled from last year to now.

Today, click and withdraw accounts for a third of all sales of the Boticário brand on the internet and is available in all regions of the country. In some cities, this proportion reaches 50%, precisely because of the difference in delivery time and free shipping. The modality is strategic for the company. In general, the consumer who buys on the internet and picks it up in the store ends up making a new purchase when looking for the product. He also starts to frequent the unit more and to relate to the brand more frequently. That’s why training the sales force to serve this customer on the spot was such an important part of the process.

dark stores

O Boticário has also advanced to reduce delivery time of those who choose to receive the product at home. For this, the Group has created in recent years a model of dark stores, stores that only cater to online shopping and are not open to the public. These units are also managed by franchisees in the network and are already able to 90% of Brazilian territory. Most deliveries take two days, and same-day delivery is already possible in capital cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. In more distant regions, the maximum delivery time can reach eight days. The objective is to reduce more and more the deliveries that leave the group’s distribution centers, in which the deadline can reach 15 days, depending on the destination.

For this, Boticário’s challenge is not so much to expand the capillarity of its distribution, but to hit the right product mix from dark stores. With 90% of the territory covered by these logistics hubs, the issue is having the product available to be delivered in a shorter period of time. For this, the company studies consumer behavior on the internet, in order to understand which items cannot be missing from its units. Counting stores and dark stores, today there are 4,100 units integrated into e-commerce.

Grupo Boticário’s tech turn

The integration with the e-commerce also advances in the other brands of the group. The units of Quem Disse, Berenice? They are already 100% integrated and Eudora’s are evolving. The Boticário brand e-commerce receives an average of 13 million visits per month and grew by more than 50% in audience between the first half of 2021 and the first half of 2022.

To expand these accesses and turn them into sales, Grupo Boticário is attentive to opportunities arising from social networks. Together, the group’s brands have more than 60 million followers. It is the most engaged base of a beauty business in Brazil, according to a recent Bank of America report based on performance indicators of brands on Instagram.

The advance in the integration between stores and e-commerce occurs in the midst of a tech shift experienced by the company. From last year to now, the group of employees with positions such as developer, front-end designer or UX writer has gone from 200 to 1,500. The goal is to hire another 400 by the end of the year. The measure allowed the creation of technologies that were previously delegated to suppliers to be brought into the house.

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