Boris Johnson’s government rocked by new sex scandal

Boris Johnson’s government rocked by new sex scandal

Chris Pincher, responsible for parliamentary discipline, admits he drank ‘too much’ and apologizes for the ‘shame’

The British Prime Minister’s Government Boris Johnsonalready weakened by several scandals, faces a new headache after the resignation of an executive accused of groping other men, the latest in a series of similar cases within the Conservative Party.

The news is terrible for the conservative prime minister after a week abroad, with participation in three summit meetings, in which he distanced himself from domestic political difficulties while presenting himself as a great supporter of the Ukraine against Russia of Vladimir Putin.

The social crisis in the UK is increasingly intense with rising inflation and, after the partygate, he now faces a new hurdle.

In the resignation letter dated Thursday, the “whip” Chris Pincher – responsible for parliamentary discipline for Conservative deputies – admits he drank “too much” and apologizes for the “shame” he went through and provoked in other people.

According to British media, the 52-year-old politician was accused of groping two men – including a deputy – in front of witnesses at a private club in central London, the Carlton Club, which sparked complaints from the party.

The recent series of cases of a sexual nature in the party that has ruled the country for 12 years is embarrassing.

A deputy suspected of rape, who has not been named, was arrested and later released on bail in May. The previous month, another Conservative MP resigned after he was caught watching a porn video on his smartphone in the House of Commons. And a former deputy was sentenced in May to 18 months in prison for sexual assault against a 15-year-old.

In the last two cases, deputies resigned, which led to partial legislative elections and defeats for the Conservatives at the polls. With the results of the polls, the president of the party, Oliver Dowden, left office.


Although Pincher has resigned from the party, he remains a deputy, according to the newspaper. The Sunbecause he would have recognized his mistakes.

“The prime minister has accepted the resignation and he thinks it was right for him to resign,” said Johnson’s deputy spokesman. “[Ele] thinks this type of behavior is unacceptable and would encourage those wishing to make a complaint to do so,” he added.

But in the face of calls for an expulsion from the party and for an internal investigation, pressure is mounting on Boris Johnson to take stronger action.

“It is impossible for conservatives to ignore possible sexual assault,” tweeted Angela Rayner, number two in the main opposition Labor Party.

“Boris Johnson has serious questions to answer about how Chris Pincher received this role and how he can continue to be a Conservative MP,” he added, before criticizing the “total degradation of the norms of public life” in the prime minister’s government.

Boris Johnson’s government was also shaken by the scandal of parties celebrated in Downing Street, despite restrictions imposed by the government during the covid pandemic. The case sparked a vote of no confidence within the Conservative Party, but it managed to survive.

Appointed in February, Chris Pincher had already resigned as a “junior whip” in 2017, accused of having made sexual advances to an Olympic athlete and potential conservative candidate in the elections. He was acquitted after an internal investigation.

Reincorporated by former Prime Minister Theresa May, he went on to work for the foreign ministry as secretary of state when Boris Johnson came to power in July 2019.

London Police said there were no reports of assault at the Carlton Club.

Source: AFP

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