Bolsonaro chooses Daniella Marques for Caixa presidency over Pedro Guimarães

Bolsonaro chooses Daniella Marques for Caixa presidency over Pedro Guimarães

Current bank president to step down after sexual harassment allegations

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) chose Daniella Marques, right-hand man of Minister Paulo Guedes (Economy), to preside over Caixa Econômica Federal in place of Pedro Guimarães.

Guimarães is the target of accusations of sexual harassment reported by employees of the institution. The case was revealed on Tuesday (28) by the Metrópoles portal, which also reports the existence of an investigation by the Federal Public Ministry.

Interlocutors at Palácio do Planalto say that the maintenance of Pedro Guimarães at the head of Caixa Econômica Federal has become unsustainable amidst the accusations involving the Executive.

Daniella Marques, in turn, is the Special Secretary for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness at the Ministry of Economy and had been leading the Brasil Pra Elas agenda, focused on the female audience and also a way of trying to boost Bolsonaro’s image among this audience.

Pedro is expected to be fired by 3 pm, before Bolsonaro participates in a debate at the CNI (National Confederation of Industry).

Bolsonaro’s allies were angered by Pedro’s resistance to leaving office and spent the morning pressuring the president to fire him.

The president of Caixa wants to leave the post as “removed” so that investigations by the MPF can be conducted.

Members of Bolsonaro’s campaign, however, advocate that he fire him to demonstrate that he rejects the behavior adopted by the hitherto first-time ally.

The accusations revealed by the Metrópoles portal claim that at least five Caixa employees say they have been victims of sexual harassment by Guimarães. In one of the reports, one of them says that a person connected to the president of the bank asked what they would do “if the president” wanted to “have sex with you?”.

According to the complainant, during a trip, he was in the pool and “looked like a dolphin showing off”. In addition, employees received calls to go to Guimarães’ room, among other reports.

A Caixa employee interviewed by the Sheet also reported that she was harassed by Pedro Guimarães. She claims to have been pulled by the neck and to have been in shock after the episode.

“Then when I went out, he pulled me by the neck and said: ‘I really want you.’ I left the room, in shock and crying,” she said. “Then, at another time, he already ran his hand around my waist and lowered it, but I left before it got worse.”

Sought by Folha to comment on the allegations, the president of Caixa did not respond. To Metrópoles, the bank informed that it was not aware of the accusations

Source: Leaf

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