Authorities will comb by way of Auxílio Brasil to chop advantages

Authorities will comb by way of Auxílio Brasil to chop advantages

Review should remove from the Single Registry families who have exceeded the income limit

The Ministry of Citizenship will carry out a new fine-tooth comb on Auxílio Brasil benefits, including, starting this month, more categories of beneficiaries in the review. Called targeting, the process must cut benefits from families whose income is above the limit established for the program.

To receive Auxílio Brasil, families must be considered in a situation of poverty or extreme poverty, with a per capita income (per person) of up to R$ 210 per month. In addition, those who are under the emancipation rule — when a member gets a job and family income rises — must have a per capita income of up to R$525 per month.

The fine-tooth comb went into effect at the beginning of this month, with the publication of a normative instruction in the Official Gazette of the Union. According to the publication, from September onwards, three new audiences will be part of the review, called categories four, five and six by the Ministry of Citizenship.

The targeting was defined by means of an ordinance, published in February, with the norms for the periodic verification of the information of the eligible families and beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil that are registered in the Single Registry. Anyone who is outside the rules stops receiving income.

According to Citizenship, category four includes families that have already been through a fine-toothed comb in the first semester and are not entitled to the benefit, but have rejoined CadÚnico. Among them are citizens who already receive some type of social security or assistance benefit such as retirement or BPC (Continued Benefit), for example.

These beneficiaries will have their income cancelled. Families included in public five must update their registration in September, otherwise they will have the benefit blocked for two months or canceled as of December.

In the audience six are families with inconsistent data and failures in CadÚnico, such as updating documents. In this case, they will be reassessed monthly and will only return to the register if the pending issue is resolved.

The fine-tooth comb also includes the payment of the gas allowance.


The Auxílio Brasil payment schedule can be brought forward again in September, as happened in August.

The measure is under study. While there is no final decision, the usual schedule of the program is valid, with release of values ​​between the 19th and 30th of September. In August, payments were scheduled to start on the 18th, but were brought forward to the 9th and ended on the 22nd.

The order of deposits follows the end of the NIS (Social Identification Number).


end of NIS September October November December
1 19 18 17 12
two 20 19 18 13
3 21 20 21 14
4 22 21 22 15
5 23 24 23 16
6 26 25 24 19
7 27 26 25 20
8 28 27 28 21
9 29 28 29 22
0 30 31 30 23

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