At Zee.Dog Kitchen, baby food technique gives scale to natural pet food

At Zee.Dog Kitchen, baby food technique gives scale to natural pet food

Brand managed to replace frozen line and will distribute products to 54 countries

Just over a year after purchasing Eleven Chimps to enter the pet food business, Zee.Dog managed to achieve a scalable format for the Zee.Dog Kitchen vertical.

With an investment of R$ 10 million, machinery brought from four countries and a series of tests and R&D, the factory is already the largest in Latin America in the production of natural food for pets – but the cat’s leap was to arrive at the formula that allows the frozen side line (which prevails in the category) and produce the jars stored at room temperature (“shelf stable”).

Vegetables and vegetables come from local producers. Sealed in the packaging, they are valid for one year. The factory’s initial capacity is 3,600 tons of natural food per year, targeting a turnover of R$ 250 million in the superpremium category.

Who is in charge of Zee.Dog Kitchen is Pedro Vital Brazil, the founder of Eleven Chimps. He founded the brand in 2015, inspired by the American industry, and guarantees that natural dog food is not freshness – “like putting a dog in a stroller”.

“The natural dog food movement started in the 2000s in California to take all the scientific knowledge developed by the industry since dog food was invented in the 50s and apply it to a healthy raw material,” says Brazil. “We started this in Brazil a decade later and had a planetary alignment of personal and professional values ​​with Zee.Dog, but we still had the frozen challenge.”

The heart of the factory is the French machinery that allows the conservation of a stable microsystem inside the glass jar. “It becomes unstable when it is opened, and then it lasts for five days in the refrigerator. It’s the same thing as Nestlé’s baby food”, explains Brazil.

Adept of natural food, the co-founder and CEO of Zee.Dog, Felipe Diz, reproduced the menu for his pet by buying the frozen ones from Eleven Chimps, which drew attention to the M&A back there.

“Zee.Dog wanted to get into this area, which is made up of smaller companies with phenomenal quality, but without much practicality, because the food needs to go to the freezer and then to the microwave”, says Diz. “Our challenge was to offer the highest quality dog ​​food in the world, in the most practical and sustainable way.”

Not being frozen gives scalability because it eliminates distribution by refrigerated truck and the establishment does not need to have a freezer for conservation, explains Diz. “It greatly facilitates the dynamics even before reaching the client’s home, which is also much more convenient”.

Petz bought Zee.Dog last August, but the brand maintains an independent operation under this corporate structure. “The outcome for what we had designed in the Kitchen vertical is the same as before the purchase by Petz. The difference is that now we have an 800 kg gorilla in the corner, to help in the dispute”, says Diz.

Zee.Dog Kitchen will distribute in Petz stores, but is not limited to the network. In addition to ecommerce, Zee.Dog will distribute in the channels it has already established with the accessories line – more than 20 thousand pet shops and retail chains in 54 countries.

Source: Value Pipeline

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