Ambipar buys waste reverse logistics firm

Ambipar buys waste reverse logistics firm

Ambipar (AMBP3) announced this Thursday (3) the acquisition of the shareholding control of ViraSer Negócios de Impacto, through its direct subsidiary, Environmental ESG Participações.

ViraSer has been operating for seven years, operating, in partnership with cooperatives, a structuring model of reverse logistics that innovates in the collection and recovery of post-consumption packaging with reinsertion into the production cycle, applying the concept of circular economy.

The company developed its own method of operating a solid waste center, called the “Social Franchise”, which offers solutions to professionalize cooperatives, bring traceability to the process and associations of recycling professionals.

ViraSer had revenues of BRL 8 million in the last 12 months and Ebitda (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of BRL 1.8 million, and was valued at an enterprise and equity value of BRL 8 million .

According to a statement, the operation will leverage recycling rates in Brazil, as ViraSer will provide yet another channel for the supply of raw material, at the national level, of recyclables (plastic, cardboard, glass, metals, among others) to the processing industries of Ambipar Group.

“For Ambipar, this acquisition: (i) increases its service portfolio, as it further intensifies its operations with all types of post-consumer waste and in partnerships with cooperatives; (ii) reaffirms the commitment to the transition from Linear to Circular Economy and (iii) further expands the social impact in Brazil, an essential pillar in ESG”, says a statement published this morning.

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