Along with the dances, TikTok bets on massive manufacturers to achieve the Brazilian market

Along with the dances, TikTok bets on massive manufacturers to achieve the Brazilian market

Platform awarded great brands that use short videos to engage audiences in viral campaigns; rapprochement with entrepreneurs is also on the agenda

For entertainment platform TikTok, enchanting Brazilian users is something that requires much more than dancing. Popular among young people for its short and viral videos, TikTok has been experiencing a period of success in Brazil since mid-2020, when it finally arrived here at the hands of its owner, the Chinese ByteDance. Since then, it already has more than 1 billion users, 30 million in Brazil alone.

Now, to increase this base and become even more popular in the country, TikTok has been strengthening ties with brands and independent content creators. The most recent bet was the debut of the TikTok Ad Awards, an award that recognizes the companies and agencies that most knew how to take advantage of the sales potential on the platform in 2022.

More than 190 ads from large, medium and small companies were nominated for the award, divided into seven different categories. Are they:

  • TikTok for everyone – celebrates the best campaigns focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion;
  • Partnership of Millions – recognizes the brand with the best co-creation with the TikTok community;
  • It has that great presence – recognizes the best partnership with TikTok creators
  • Go to For You dammit – recognizes brands with the best structured planning in format for TikTok;
  • leave low high – celebrates brands with campaigns or videos in which sound was fundamental to the final result of the content;
  • POV: hitei on TikTok – brands capable of surfing trends and adapting them to the business
  • Forget it here, you’re talking about the elite – awards the most complete brand profile, which was able to demonstrate greater consistency by combining advertising campaigns, organic content and co-creation with the community and with creators.

According to Gabriela Comazzetto, head of TikTok’s Global Business Solutions for Latin America, the award represents part of TikTok’s new bets, the main one being to go beyond entertainment as a means to gain popularity, to also use the resource to influencing behavior and purchasing decisions🇧🇷 “TikTok is knowledge, inspiration and goes beyond entertainment: transforming culture, behavior and consumption, impacting our entire society and bringing new habits”, he says. “It’s no longer about selling or entertaining. It’s about selling through entertainment.”

A TikTok projection shows the relevance of this new angle. According to the platform, 85% of Brazilian users search for a product after seeing it for the first time in a video on TikTok🇧🇷

The winners of the TikTok Awards

The advertising campaigns for each category were:

  • TikTok for everyone: Dove + Oliver – That’s not my name challenge
  • partnership of millions: Rock in Rio + A-LAB Content Lovers – #RockInRioEuVou;
  • It has that great presence: Avon + Wunderman Thompson Brasil – #Avonscov: O Hit do TikTok;
  • Goes to FY, dammit: Prime Video + DOJO – Prime Video X-Ray;
  • leave low high: Burger King/Zamp + David – Delivery Duet;
  • POV: hit on TikTok: Coca-Cola + Wunderman Thompson Brasil – Coca-Cola light, Coca-Cola regular, Coca-Cola trend on TikTok;
  • Forget this here, you’re talking about the elite: Guaraná Antarctica + Snack Content – ​​@guarana

In the Brazilian operation of TikTok, there is an expectation that the award will go far beyond the buzz of social networks about the winners. The award is expected to help bring more advertisements to the platform — whether from small or large brands — as successful initiatives become widely publicized. “The award will disseminate good practices and references for companies that still do not invest in the platform”, says Comazzetto.

TikTok for Entrepreneurs

This is not the platform’s first attempt to get closer to autonomous content creators as well. A few months ago, TikTok created “Vem Comigo”, an initiative that seeks to train small entrepreneurs who sell products within the platform. With free content, the idea was to guide these entrepreneurs on “TikTok for Business”, a TikTok feature aimed at SMEs.

“TikTok is a great ally of small and medium-sized businesses, which find many tools on our platform to reach their target audience in an assertive and very creative way. Our platform promotes discovery and culture and creates unique opportunities for impact for creators and brands alike — of all sizes,” concludes Comazzetto.

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