After funding, Shopper plans 1st acquisition nonetheless in 2022

After funding, Shopper plans 1st acquisition nonetheless in 2022

the online supermarket shopper is structuring its M&A strategy and intends to make the first acquisition later this year. The transaction will be supported by the company’s latest contributions, which received BRL 290 million in investments in 2021 from the manager quartzthe food company Minerva Foodsthe sovereign wealth fund of Singapore GICbetween others.

In December, the startups added that the company would seek acquisitions in areas linked to different areas, such as logistics and operations. Although the details were not defined, the co-founder and president of shopper, Fábio Rodas, stated that the only area that was discarded from the strategy was fintechs, since, according to the executive, the segment did not have much to do with the business.

In an interview with Estadãohe said that the 1st purchase of shopper will be a software company. The objective is to support the development of the company’s systems, which work in several areas such as demand forecasting and delivery routing. THE shopper says he still doesn’t have the name of the first acquired, but is in conversations with some names with between 50 and 150 programmers. The company does not rule out acquiring competing companies and claims to look at the customer base and the team or processes.

According to Fábio Rodas, the company is more judicious in its operations, given the current economic situation in Brazil and worldwide. The executive told Estadão that shopper “almost did not need to make adjustments” and continues with the expected hiring and growth forecasts. However, Fábio recognizes that competition in the sector has increased – today the shopper compete with startups like zip, daki, market and NOW and says that the startup’s differential lies in the investment in technology.

Fabio said that shopper grows at a constant percentage year on year, between 150% and 200%. After the contributions in 2021, the company said it was close to unicorn status, although it does not reveal its current value.

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