6 Methods for Small and Medium Companies to Promote Extra Utilizing TikTok

6 Methods for Small and Medium Companies to Promote Extra Utilizing TikTok

The social network has already hit the one billion downloads mark and has proven to be fertile ground for retail

There is no doubt that the most successful social network since the pandemic was Chinese TikTok. From there, short videos go viral and reach worldwide reach, a full plate for commercial and sales strategies. Last year, the platform launched the TikTok Ads Managerwhich allows you to create and publish ads and campaigns using insights about audience targeting and budget.

Data from the network itself shows that 54% of users find new products in ads on TikTok, 73% think that advertising in the app is different from the others and a third have already bought something they were not even considering buying, because of the platform.

“New sales formats come and go. The ability to know the opportunities brought by each platform and to know how to dialogue within the ‘now’ networks is what sets a company apart from its competitors. It is important to be aware of these movements and explore these opportunities”, points out Filipe Belmont, product director at Integrated Storethe most popular platform for creating virtual stores in the country, with more than 2.5 million stores created.

Proving to be a good way to leverage sales, the expert suggests six strategies that small and medium businesses can use for good results with TikTok.

1. Know your target audience

Before anything else, it is essential to map your target audience, know who you want to reach, age group, regionality, gender, among other characteristics. This will be essential when using TikTok and planning content for the network.

2. Keep an eye on trends

From the knowledge of who your target audience is, map the trends that are happening in the app, such as dances, effects, challenges and high music. Connect current trends to what your target audience consumes on the network and create video scripts in line with that.

3. Look at the competition

See what your competitors are doing and how the audience reacts to this content. Write down what works and use it as inspiration when creating campaigns and roadmaps.

4. Evaluate influencers for your brand

The use of influencers takes away a little of the “advertising air” of campaigns and makes the public have a greater identification with the generated content. It is important to map influencers who have the same values ​​as your brand and a good way to do this is to search for strategic hashtags within the app itself.

5. Plan your posts well

A good strategy for TikTok is to make posts without much time between them. For this, you need a good prior planning, with the topics that will be addressed. Creating the scripts for the videos before producing them is also important to ensure the success of the publications. Another tip here is to be prepared for unforeseen events and have the videos ready at least a week before the posting deadline.

6. Be creative

TikTok brought with it the possibility of creating content in many different ways. So use creativity to your advantage, not only to be original and have a different presence from the other profiles, but also thinking that this quality is very well accepted and desired in this social network, and can open up positive paths for your business.

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