4 Brazilian executives for skilled inspiration

4 Brazilian executives for skilled inspiration

In a society that is mostly dominated by the male gender in terms of professional leadership, it is a certain relief to see that, every day, there is a new change and the appearance of more women at the head of large companies or actively undertaking. It is time to change the paradigm of the great businessman that dominates the world: companies need new CEOs.

This female protagonism within the corporate and entrepreneurship world needs to be highlighted, and, as a way of celebrating advances in female empowerment and gender equality, the bazaar some great women’s names for professional inspiration. Check out:

Zica Assisi

Zica was born in Rio de Janeiro, and at the age of 9, she was already working as a nanny. Although she was criticized by her employers for her frizzy hair, Zica, begrudgingly, began straightening it. A little older and still dissatisfied with the situation, she began to invest in hairdressing courses, and became a professional in the area to study, understand and revolutionize the way of treating frizzy and curly hair.

Since she did not find products on the market that satisfactorily met the needs of these types of hair, Zica had no doubts: she sold the car and invested the money in product development and a specialized salon. That’s where the Natural beauty.

Since then, her enterprise has not stopped growing: she has stores distributed throughout the national territory and in the United States.

Cleusa Maria

Cleusa’s story shows how far perseverance can take. Cleusa worked as a cold worker in the interior of Paraná; after years, she saved up her money and moved to Salto, in the interior of São Paulo, and started working as a maid.

One day, he decided to invest in confectionery and took courses in the area. Even with three jobs – after shifts, early in the evening – she started making cakes and pastries to sell. It took two years of this toil, until she saved enough money to open a small 20 square meter candy store called Sensações Doces, still in the city of Salto.

The quality of the sweets attracted many customers, which made Cleusa start investing in marketing and expanding the business. Shortly thereafter, he opened another branch and decided to change the name of the brand in honor of his children, Sofia and Diego: Sodiê Doces.

Today, after much struggle, Cleusa Maria commands a chain of 265 stores, distributed in 13 of the 26 Brazilian states.

Sonia Hess de Souza

Sonia’s story begins with her parents, Duda and Dona Lina, founders of Dudalina. At the time, the store was just a small clothing store in Blumenau, Santa Catarina. Shirtmaking started when his father bought too much fabric one day and had to hire more seamstresses to do the job. Sônia entered history after returning from Europe, where she was studying, and decided to take on the brand with her brothers.

With the knowledge acquired by European sewing schools, Sônia reformulated the brand and took the company to São Paulo. Currently, Dudalina is one of the largest clothing exporters in Brazil, and Sônia Hess insists that the workforce is mostly female.

Luiza Helena Trajano

Certainly one of the best-known women entrepreneurs in Brazil, the owner of Magazine Luiza has worked in retail since she was 18 and was a pioneer when e-commerce emerged in Brazil.

Luiza Helena inherited, after a lot of work, a small chain of stores in the city of Franca. By taking the lead, Luiza revolutionized the enterprise and began to expand to other cities by incorporating competitors. Today, the Magazine Luiza brand is a Brazilian and global retail giant.

Watching these women who revolutionized the sectors in which they were inserted is, in fact, inspiring for other people to follow their dreams, complete their colleges, their graduate courses or even their free courses to also be part of the pantheon of great entrepreneurs in the world. Brazil. The path is undoubtedly harder, but it is not impossible: just start.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

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