3 expertise developments that might be strategic for enterprise in 2023

3 expertise developments that might be strategic for enterprise in 2023

Optimization, scalability and pioneering: allied to sustainability, these are the three pillars that the American consultancy Gartner considers essential for the technologies implemented by companies to have in 2023.

In the “Top strategic technology trends 2023” report, released in October, the company explains that each of them allows organizations to address specific priorities: the first has to do with the improvement of IT systems to enhance the reliability of data-driven decisions and connectivity in different environments; the second, with the capacity to accelerate the pace of delivery of products🇧🇷 and the third with enabling changes in business modelsreinventing employee and customer engagement, and accelerating strategies to tap into new virtual markets.

Following this logic, the company listed, in the same document, the major trends in technology which it considers relevant from a strategic point of view for the coming year. “We expect these trends to create an imperative to act among at least 20% of our IT customers, become broadly applicable to digital, IT and technology leaders and the strategic ambitions of many CEOs,” the document reads.

See some of them below.

1. Applied Observability

Cornerstone: optimization

Which is: Considered an evolution of the concept of monitoring, observability uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and make recommendations based on data issued by an organization, allowing for greater speed and accuracy in decision-making. “When applied systematically, it can reduce response latency and optimize business operations in real time,” says the report.

It is therefore about the architected use of data to drive better, faster and more consistently business decisions. See details in the image below.


2. Industry Cloud Platforms

Cornerstone: scalability

Which is: Cloud platforms in the industry combine Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with custom and industry-specific functionality. According to Gartner, by 2027, more than 50% of companies will use technology to accelerate their business initiatives.

3. Metaverse

Cornerstone: pioneering spirit

Which is: Gartner defines the metaverse as a virtual space that allows people to replicate or enhance real experiences. “This can happen by transporting or extending physical activities into a virtual world or transforming the physical world. It is a combinatorial innovation composed of several technology themes and capabilities and not a single technology”, they say.

Still according to the company, the impacts of the metaverse should be observed in different industries. See the graphic below:


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