14 revolutionary instruments that remodel enterprise

14 revolutionary instruments that remodel enterprise

There is no escape from digital transformation: tools help in the process

In the last two years, digital transformation has been mandatory in companies, from internal processes to solutions that meet new market needs.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the business scenario and accelerated the digital transformation of companies in Brazil, equivalent to what was expected for a period of one to four years, as pointed out by the 33rd edition of the Annual Survey on the Brazilian IT and Usage Market. in Companies, carried out by the Center for Applied Information Technology (FGVCia).

The survey also shows that the use and spending and investments in IT in companies represent 8.7% of revenue and continue to grow, mainly in aspects such as value, maturity and importance for existing businesses and to enable new business models.

With the positive and growing scenario, here are 14 innovative tools that transform businesses:


Founded in 2019, BPool is an EGM (Enterprise Gateway Marketplace) that connects large corporations to the new fragmented and alternative communication ecosystem formed by hundreds of small specialist companies.

Through the curation and matching algorithm and an automated workflow, the platform allows clients to contract and manage marketing services, bringing significant gains in creativity, innovation, agility and efficiency.

BPool was born in Brazil in 2019 and today operates in 10 Latin American countries connected to an ecosystem of more than 1,500 partners and serving more than 70 brands of medium and large customers, including large corporations such as L’Oréal, Reckitt , Kellogg’s, Unilever, Nestlé, Novartis and Pernod Ricard. The platform received contributions from the funds Chromo Invest and Quartz Investimentos, among other investors.

Buson Suite

The B2B platform of SaaS solutions from Buson, a technology company that offers road ticket options in Brazil, provides vehicles with sales solutions that are integrated with travel agencies’ cashiers, connectivity and route management, as well as the digitalization of processes, which can help the segment.

In addition, the company is also investing in the delivery of parcels, with a software aimed at managing the transport of parcels, the TMS solution “Orders”. With the objective of controlling the entire logistical operation, in an integrated way, following from the quotation, planning and execution of the collection, as well as the receipt in the warehouse, the dispatch of the order and the tracking of the same while it is in the carrier until the realization delivery to your final destination.


The startup works with education through learning via chat with its Artificial Intelligence that works through WhatsApp, an application that reaches 99% of smartphones in the country. Its technology enables professionals from different areas and functions to improve in an interactive way.

edtech has already been selected for programs such as Estação Hack do Facebook, Google for Startups, in addition to being present in international rankings of innovation in education such as Holon IQ, GSV Cup and Endeavor Scale Up.

It also recently announced being one of the winners of the Learning Engineering Tools Competition, a contest that selected the most promising projects and platforms for transforming education through the use of new technology solutions. So far, it has impacted more than 500,000 Brazilian students with its solution and has served large companies such as Stone, McDonald’s, Grupo Fleury and BASF.


Brazilian company providing technology for electronic and digital signatures. With a decade of operation, the company has been accelerated by funds such as Astella, Redpoint eventures and Harvard Business School.

With more than 10 years in the Brazilian market, Clicksign has transacted more than 20 million documents signed via the platform, having 30 thousand customers served through 10 types of authentications such as Token via e-mail and Pix.


Feedz is a platform to increase employee engagement and performance. With it, the company builds high-performance teams and retains talent.

All the main people management tools in one place: Performance Appraisal, OKR, Climate Survey, Emotional Thermometer, Continuous Feedback, PDI, 1on1, eNPS, and all this gamified. Feedz’s purpose is to create happier working environments through more humane and efficient management.

In three years, the startup from Santa Catarina has already transformed more than 150 thousand lives in 1000 companies across Brazil, such as Escola Conquer, Enjoei, Reclame Aqui, Lacoste, Danone, Dotz, Fbiz, Raccoon, Mallory, Grupo Soma (Animale, Farm), Grupo Gentil (Boticário, Quem disse berenice?) and PayGo, from the C6bank group.


Nethone is a SaaS financial fraud prevention company that was founded in Poland in 2016 and arrived in Brazil at the end of last year with the mission of offering merchants and fintechs a tool to combat cybercrime.

Nethone offers the market a solution that can even identify synthetic fraud – a crime model in which technology is used to create seemingly real and highly detailed consumer profiles.

Analyzing each user’s fingerprints and behavioral biometrics in real time, Nethone’s system successfully prevents 95.3% of account takeover (ATO) attempts, a cyber threat that has grown at an alarming rate. In addition to the ATO, Nethone has been successful in combating fraud in financial and payment applications.

Nethone has developed a proprietary solution called Know Your Users – KYU, which is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning and allows the analysis of more than 5,500 fingerprint characteristics and the behavioral biometrics of users of the platforms where they are performed. real-time financial transactions.


Nubimetrics is a Sales Intelligence platform that provides information for companies to boost their online sales. One of the solutions aimed at companies and large brands is Corporate, which helps professionals make the right decisions to succeed in e-commerce.

With experience in analyzing large volumes of data through Big Data and AI, Nubimetrics turns these numbers into sustainable profitability for online businesses. And this is the best way for big brands to learn how to measure their performance and that of their competitors to make the best sales decisions, and this is valid for all types of industries.


Active in the sector, RoutEasy is a startup that uses artificial intelligence in optimization and delivery management solutions. With more than 350 customers in Brazil and Latin America, Logtech is committed to innovation and optimization of the segment.

Its performance is based on genetic algorithm, programming and artificial intelligence, which are used to optimize and integrate processes. This contributes to greater productivity and lower delivery costs. Thus, the startup, founded by Caio Reina, promises savings of up to 40% to its customers, which include names such as Royal Canin, Solística, Infracommerce, Magalu and DHL.


A smart data capture company, Scandit has developed a technology that makes barcode scanning, text recognition, identity document scanning, among other solutions more efficient.

The technology can be accessed from any mobile device and reduces the cost and time of operations, which increases employee and customer satisfaction in retail, transportation and logistics and manufacturing that use Scandit to power mobile applications, such as mobile shopping, automatic checkout, inventory management, proof of delivery and asset tracking. Scandit’s solutions are used by companies such as Rappi, Sephora and Azul Linhas Aéreas.


Founded in 2016, SenseData promises to improve the relationship between companies and customers, through Customer Success management. The platform integrates several data sources to monitor the customer base, creating a complete view of each of its customers and generating insights and real actions from these indicators, helping companies to be proactive and generate value.


HRTech focused on SMEs, offers the only all-in-one platform and methodology that helps SMEs to grow, and continues to transform people management through innovation and technology.

In a single platform, it offers the necessary functionalities for HR and DP processes: Talent Attraction and Management, Development and Performance, Engagement and Retention, Corporate Education, Benefits, Financial Services and Personnel Department Routines. It also maintains the RH Portal education portal.

In the last three years, the company has grown 5 times and the number of customers has tripled, reaching 12,000 companies and more than 4 million active lives managed through its platform, and emerging as the segment leader in the Scale Ups ecosystem in Brazil. .

In 2022, it received the largest contribution in Latin America from HRtech in the amount of R$ 530 million and soon after it already carried out the acquisition of Tangerino, a startup in the digital time control market that registers more than 2 million points daily.


This is a martech in digital trade marketing intelligence that helps brands and industries to speak directly to their audiences on e-commerce product pages.

The company has developed a platform that allows the creation, editing and publication of digital storefronts, in addition to their automatic and real-time distribution in more than 250 e-commerce stores.

The company bets on technology and innovation to consolidate communication between industries and the consumer profile. In addition to delivering useful information about the benefits and differentials of products according to the needs of the industries, martech collects and provides a series of information about what is happening with the showcase within the e-commerces for the industries/brands, which is decisive for future strategies.

Today they are working with over 300 brands, including Dove, Omo, Campari, Absolut, Oral B, and others.


Created in 2017, in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Transfeera is a fintech that offers a platform for the management and processing of payments, collection and validation of bank data for companies.

Through the “Payments” solution, fintech helps large companies such as Zé Delivery, Monetizze and Vakinha organize the operational part and facilitate payment routines in a single place.

The startup’s other solution, called “ContaCerta”, serves apps like iFood, Enjoei and Shopee, which use Transfeera technology to make sure there was no error in filling in data by checking algorithms and, in turn, in some cases, microdeposits.


Zeev develops and supplies software with low-code technology, allowing companies to develop their own software and applications, with a process management platform in which anyone is able to automate the processes in their area or team, without the need for technical knowledge in the IT area.

In this way, technology improves the work routine, helping organization, gaining speed, productivity, and standardizing processes for a more fluid workflow.

“Our proposal is to connect departments and make the work flow smoothly, optimizing results and favoring the growth of companies. We have extensive experience in the area”, explains the company’s CEO, José Roberto de Lazari.

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